Working virtually, what my clients say

Business Mentoring working virtually

‘I work with Neil to help reflect and make decisions. He is not only genuine and a delight but a highly experienced business coach’
Simon Howland

‘Having previously worked with Neil in face-to-face sessions I have found the move to virtual coaching seamless. His help and support is invaluable, as he encourages you to approach your business from a different perspective and also looks for opportunities where you, perhaps as a lonely sole trader like myself, can collaborate effectively with others.

He is also great at challenging you to tackle the essential elements of the business you are uncomfortable with or, conversely, have become too comfortable with, whether that’s finding ways to out-source them or pushing you (gently) outside your comfort zone to make improvements.’
Liz Penn travel Counsellors

‘I have been working with Neil on an ad hoc basis both face to face and virtually. The virtual part was often due to time constraints but has very much become “in vogue” for everyone now due to the Covid pandemic. In a way, I prefer the virtual route for coaching and mentoring – it can often be more spontaneous and a quick face time or zoom call, can get things moving far quicker than scheduling a physical meeting.’
Craig Strong Capital Currency

‘Neil Williams is a fantastic mentor for my business. He is thoughtful, intelligent & good humoured. With him, I feel I am in safe hands.’
George Harris – Harris Electoral Services

‘Neil Williams has been coaching me for a few years now and today we had our first session via Zoom.

This platform is actually so easy and just like being sat face to face as usual except there’s no journey for me and I had to make my own tea…….only downer !

Being able to see the person you’re talking to is so much better than a phone call as it’s more personal and much more visual – which is particularly good for me as I take in pretty much all my information that way – being a designer.

Many thanks to Neil for hosting the meeting and I look forward to the next.’
Nicky Percival Interior Designer

‘Great online coaching session with Neil. He’s been perfecting remote coaching for years before lockdown. Helping me steer a path to where I want our business to be.’
Colin Smithers
Owner of Smithers and Son

Leadership Coaching working virtually

‘During the current pandemic the charity I lead has faced many challenges and obstacles most of which I have never faced before.  It was extremely helpful to be able to meet with Neil remotely and discuss these issues.  The fact that we could only meet remotely rather than face to face in no way hindered either the quality and warmth of our discussion or the benefit that I derived from it.’
Christopher Munday
Chief Executive

‘I have been working with Neil now for several years split into blocks of sessions mainly over the telephone.

I really look forward to my session with Neil as he gives me a fresh alternative way of looking at situations and has helped me develop the skills, I need to be a better manager.

My confidence has increased, and I always feel highly supported and motivated to make the changes I need to and deal with difficult situations.  I would highly recommend Neil.’
GM Manager

‘I would thoroughly recommend Neil for your mentoring and coaching requirements – even easier to do now too!’
Unknown admirer!

Career Transition

‘Working with Neil during an important transitional period of my career was a great decision. His techniques allowed me to identify my strengths and build on these and also helped me set out clear career and personal objectives to achieve my goals. I can honestly say my online sessions with Neil has made my life a lot less chaotic and he continues to be a supportive person to lean on for guidance’

Coach Supervision

‘I highly recommend Neil Williams for supervision sessions, virtually, we have been working in this way effectively and successfully for over 2 years.  Neil is attentive, supportive, experienced and gives constructive and helpful feedback and guidance.’
L West, Executive Wellness Coach

‘I realise reading your email, that you are asking questions I would ask someone else, but I haven’t asked myself! An Experienced coach and supervisor’
CS Coach

‘Neil works with me online as my coaching supervisor. His approach was just what I need – calm, challenging, direct and empathic, all mixed in with a good dose of warmth and humour. The online connection is strong in both ways: technologically and more importantly, emotionally. His intuitive personality comes across strongly online, as do his obvious skills: right from the start he was able to quickly define the key barriers that are in my way to becoming a better coach for my clients, and I feel much better equipped to deal with the exciting challenges ahead. It feels great to know that I have Neil in the background to help me out when I need him.’
NM Coach

‘Helping me put my ideas and dreams into pictures and symbols, as well as of course your very relaxed manner’
EE Coach

‘I would wholeheartedly recommend Neil for virtual coaching supervision.

I have been working with Neil since May 2017 and we have always undertaken our supervision sessions remotely via Skype. 

His ability to build rapport made for a great start to our coachee/supervisor relationship. It is important I feel to have video access as this makes for a more enriched discussion and the ability for being more present.

This approach to supervision really works for me and in the current times we find ourselves in I’d recommend more to take up this option with Neil.

Thanks Neil, for your valued and continued support on my Executive coaching journey.’
Jan Davis – Accredited Executive Coach
Moonstone Associates Limited

‘Working with Neil as my supervisor has assisted me to shape, adapt and grow my coaching business here in the UK.  His approach is encouraging and questioning of my coaching practice and approaches which ultimately enhances my professional competence and coaching with clients.

An important aspect of my relationship with Neil is that supervision is online.  This facilitates my ever-changing work schedule and travel commitments.  The provision of online supervision also supports my way of working in coaching which is an online executive and life coaching business.’
Ronald Davis
Management and Life Coach

Prism profiles working virtually

‘Hi Neil, just a quick thank you for your online coaching session this morning. Having helped both my children with your Prism profile I thought it would be interesting and beneficial for me to try. I was very pleased with the results and think it will be beneficial to me and my business in the future. Online coaching was very easy and convenient, and I look forward to more in the future.’
regards Matt Stanford Osteopath