Neil is an excellent business and mentoring coach who has motivated me to change my business and achieve goals that I was hoping to achieve. Before I met Neil I did not really think that I needed a business coach and did not really appreciate the value to my business that a business coach could add. Give him a call you will not regret it – Matthew Stanford – Owner, The Hawthorn Clinic

I started Neil’s Director’s coaching programme following my appointment as a Company Director. This ‘step-up’ felt of much greater importance compared to my previous change of job roles. I wanted to prepare myself quickly for the change in responsibilities from manager to director and identify areas where I could add real value to my employer as a new member of the board. As an excellent sounding board, Neil helps to discuss and seek opinion on ideas, queries or concerns, regardless of how trivial they may seem. It very much helped to talk through and explore multiple solutions to various scenarios. Quite often I would finish a coaching session with new found impetus to progress or finalise outstanding matters after it was clear that the right course of action was being followed – Matt Williams

I was genuinely unhappy in my work and so I booked a course of 6 sessions with Neil. Neil helped me to see that my position had a lot going for it, and that I was valued, but badly deployed. We came to the conclusion that I should stay where I was, take control of my career, and explore the opportunities ahead of me. Over the next three years I transformed my role into something I enjoyed, working purely on areas that interested me, and that developed my skills. Neil helped me to work this out through some careful examination and reflection, and I shall be forever grateful for the help he gave me in such a short amount of time – Kevin Gillard – Twittorial

Business Coaching

“Becoming self-employed after many years working for companies can be daunting but it’s been a joy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of setting up my own business with Neil’s help and support. Neil has challenged me (forcing me to challenge my own thinking) and reminded me I am good at what I do – easy to forget in those early months of setting up your own business. I have shared my plans with him and got an honest response – essential when all your friends and family are trying their hardest to be supportive. Neil is never negative – even where things haven’t been quite right he’s helped me find something that does work better. 
Thanks Neil – our work together in the last 6 months has helped me start what I feel is a robust business and I am looking forward with much enthusiasm – Sally Pearce, Insurance Conduct & Compliance Executive ACII

Career coaching was like a self-awakening. I was made aware of my own strengths along with my personal goals. I was able to improve my interview technique and effort whilst job-hunting. I am now employed and better placed to deal with my future career, and I am more complete as a person. – Sean Donovan, Partner, Development Garden

Coaching for Director’s and Managers

Neil has helped me to look at myself from a different angle, to enable me to look at my strengths and weaknesses and to help me focus on these respectively. Coaching has helped me to realise where and I want to go and what I need to do to get there. – KP Regional Development Manager

Neil has become an integral part of our development program by providing specific targeted coaching programs for selected individuals. He has been able to enhance aspects of people’s behaviour and has helped in their learning. We will continue to use his services where we want to grow the contribution of specific individuals. – MD, Sterling

Prior to meeting Neil, I was apprehensive about the entire ‘coaching process’ but upon meeting with Neil, it soon became apparent that he is very conversant when it comes to coaching; I genuinely couldn’t identify any area with regard to Neil’s coaching technique that I felt needed improvement. In summary, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. – Jamie Beardsworth

Sometimes it is difficult to understand your next step even when you have worked somewhere for a long time or think that you know the route you want to take. Neil’s help in coaching for Director’s and Managers was suggested at a time of changing circumstances for my career and his guidance, help (and patience) was instrumental in helping me to regain focus, understand what was required of me but more importantly how I could do the best job possible by focussing on my skills. This was an exceptional service because Neil was able to provide good direction and advice from a different perspective and because you can control the aspects of what you want to cover in the course sessions. I recommend Neil as being a great coach and mentor. – Mark Fisher

Coaching Super-vision

I’ve used Neil as my coaching supervisor for about 6 months and he has really added value to how I approach my clients and my business. Neil has a very down to earth and pragmatic manner which, coupled with his previous business, coaching and management experience and his warm personality, really puts you at ease. Each session gets you thinking and challenges your perceptions – and he has a way of steering you to make real changes – I would highly recommend him. – Sean Donovan, Partner, Development Garden

Super-Vision coaching from Neil enabled me to look at an area of my working life that I often avoid – finances. He skilfully facilitated a useful and ultimately successful plan that allowed me to see things realistically. He probed without judgement and even though it was uncomfortable at times I was very grateful for this safe space to explore and reflect. He held me accountable without my feeling pressured and his style is one of a highly professional and trusted advisor.
In other areas of our coaching Neil encouraged me to look at my work and to really shine a light on the areas that I value the most. This was useful as I am someone who takes on a great deal and although I enjoy what I do, getting clarity on what matters most was exceptionally helpful. – Jackie Arnold – ICF Executive Coach and Dip. Coach Supervisor

Neil is a wonderful coach supervisor. Due to Neil’s extensive coaching, supervision and business experience he is able intuitively ask questions that enable you to gain deeper understanding and insight into your coaching approach, Supervision coaching with Neil is a very valuable learning experience and I know it helps me to continue to grow and develop as a coach. Valuable support from and amazing supervisor – highly recommended. – Caroline Hart, Life&Laughter Coach