Super-vision for Coaches

As a coach yourself, how often do you reflect on a coaching session and after a couple of days wonder whether you could have done better?

Any professional Coach should have a Supervisor in order to help them continue to develop their skills and support them, and so serve their clients better. Even with the recent changes to working virtually my clients’ views have shown it can be a huge benefit

Who is this for?

At whatever stage you’re at in providing coaching and mentoring, this is for experienced and inexperienced people alike, who want to develop their coaching skills.

So, what will you get from Super-vision?

It enables you to understand why you need Supervision, appreciate the significance of it and the difference it can make to you. The most important aspect of this programme is that the people you are coaching and mentoring will definitely benefit hugely.  It offers you, as a coach or mentor, a space to reflect, find a new approach and recognise those blind spots from which we all suffer.

The reason why I like ‘Super-vision’ rather than supervision is because I believe the need for a coach to have super-vision is fundamental; the more we coach, the more likely we are to come across situations where we need to bounce our thoughts off a professionally trained and experienced person.

I put it to the test

following the Supervision Training Programme I completed with the Coaching Supervision Academy, my own coaching improved dramatically, particularly in the psychologically minded area.

There is much talk at the moment about coaching and how it should be regulated. A key part of control of coaching standards is Super-vision. For Blue Chip companies that use coaching regularly, one of their main pre-requisites is Super-vision. “I believe it is even more important to develop ourselves as coaches in our own right rather than because of regulation”.

How can I help you?

A lot of my work with coaches is bespoke to your needs. I provide you with the opportunity to open your mind, create awareness of looking at what works and what doesn’t and, of course, to gain further knowledge as a coach. We will consider your client(s) and the system and style you currently use; in doing so enabling you to have a broader view and become even more effective in the future. Remember, this coaching concentrates on your specific requirements; it enables you to rethink your coaching techniques, tests your judgements and addresses the challenges that face your clients, whether they are individuals, leaders or managers. If you want to enhance your own coaching skills, I’m the person to contact.

What the programme involves

  • The opportunity to enhance your skills, gain support, reflect and expand your insight.
  • It is tailored for individual coaches and mentors, networks or groups of coaches and mentors or companies with their own internal coaching or mentoring strategy.
  • Sessions that are monthly, bi-monthly or sporadically, whether face-to-face, over the telephone, the internet, or in group sessions.

Outcomes from super-vision

  • It will enhance your professional development and skills, maintaining an ethical approach to your coaching relationships.
  • This programme will provide more tools and techniques at your disposal.
  • Giving an objective perspective on your own work
  • You will feel better able to respond to client needs and help them find the right solutions and direction.
  • Better equipped to explore dynamics of relationships or issues.
  • You can deliver real value to clients.

Supervision from Neil enabled me to look at an area of my working life that I often avoid – finances. He skilfully facilitated a useful and ultimately successful plan that allowed me to see things realistically. He probed without judgement and even though it was uncomfortable at times I was very grateful for this safe space to explore and reflect. He held me accountable without my feeling pressured and his style is one of a highly professional and trusted advisor.
In other areas of our supervision Neil encouraged me to look at my work and to really shine a light on the areas that I value the most. This was useful as I am someone who takes on a great deal and although I enjoy what I do, getting clarity on what matters most was exceptionally helpful. Jackie Arnold, ICF Executive Coach and Dip. Coach Supervisor