Retirement Coaching

Making the right choices for the years ahead

Many of us plan our work or projects within our own job so carefully to ensure we succeed but do we do it for ourselves? It very seldom happens?  Most people find a work/life balance difficult to manage. Work, success and sense of achievement often take priority. As we look towards our later working life we often find ourselves still on a continuously turning mouse-wheel. Putting yourself under continuous pressure and finding it increasingly difficult to take control is common. Even being a slave to your mobile or laptop increases the pressure and imbalance of work and home life.

So how can I help you make changes and plans for your future? I provide personal coaching tailored to your specific needs to help you to discuss openly and make informed decisions about your current situation. We will talk through and consider your future life plans and importantly take the first steps to thinking seriously about what you want to do in your retirement years. You may just want to kick start a plan for your future, if so I’m the person to contact.

Ask yourself these questions.

Planning for enjoying yourself in later life – have you considered when you are going to retire and what will you do to plan for this before and after your chosen retirement date? …and do you have dreams of what you intend to do and how you are going to plan and achieve those dreams? Consider these fundamentals:

    • Retirement is probably the biggest transition that you will ever make which needs to be prepared for.
    • Taking time out of your work and home situation to create a plan that can be shaped to your specific needs is essential.
    • We all have different retirement aspirations, family circumstances and financial pressures; assessing these early will help you plan and ensure you enjoy your retirement thoroughly.
    • We can tackle issues you may have in having too much time on your hands during retirement, possibly looking at different options that interest you i.e. giving your time to charity work, social life, hobby jobs etc.
    • This retirement programme is designed to ensure the thinking is done prior to retirement so when you come to retire you have thought through all of your options, pitfalls, preconceived ideas and upsides.

Unless you think through the many options, how will you know what retirement fund you will need for example. (I am not qualified to look at the financial aspects so ideally this programme should run in conjunction with a financial advisor).

Who is this coaching for? Anyone who is looking to retire during the next five years.

What does this retirement programme involve?  We would work together to see what your everyday work and life looks like in general and what you see your future retirement looks like. When I say you, I mean the collective you….wife/partner and family! What the retirement programme involves:

    • Understanding yourself better, by reviewing what you enjoy doing.
    • Assessing where you are now and where you want to get to be.
    • Providing inspiration and support to make positive change and personal development.
    • Understanding your “process for change” and for work, personal life and beyond.
    • Looking at creative ways to make change really happen.
    • Starting to prepare for your retirement, even though it may be a few years off.

Last year I had some coaching sessions with Neil as I was wanting to reduce my workload and move into semi-retirement.

Neil was extremely helpful in focusing my mind on my work priorities and what was really important to me going forward with regard to family time, hobbies and leisure activities. He used a variety of useful tools such as the Retirement Questionnaire and Life Balance Wheel which really appealed to me as a visual learner. I could then see clearly where I needed to focus my attention and prioritise.

I have recently caught up with Neil to re-assess where I am and how I am doing in terms of semi-retirement. Neil has supported me to look even more closely at my priorities and future plans.

I feel that I have come a long way in a year as I have now found a lovely balance between work I really enjoy and spending time with family and friends. On Neil’s advice I have worked with a financial advisor to ensure my income is sufficient for my needs and I have also been able to continue my hobbies and interests.

If I was to sum up what I’ve received from the coaching with Neil it would be:

Clarity, re-focus, prioritise, peace of mind, and enjoyment.

Thank you, Neil