How can I help you?

HI provide personal coaching and mentoring based on my experiences of life and training to enable you to create a focused plan over time, to bring you the results you want to improve your working life and relationships. I will work with you to develop your business skills, achieve a work/life balance and consider and plan for your retirement ambitions. You will have a robust plan that you have created and can implement in the years ahead.

I am your sounding board in a totally private and confidential way.

I have direct experience:

1997 – In a job covering the whole UK (a pressure position but one I thoroughly enjoyed, I planned my time extremely well. Unfortunately I did not plan my family life so well, I was letting down the people that were close to me and I needed a change, this was a huge learning curve which I now pass onto others.

One significant milestone was to be introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). With committing my time and energy to their coaching, I fine-tuned my life, made some important changes and planned better: I began to focus on work during the week and my family (and sport) at the weekends. With my own business experience and a substantial amount of training to be a coach, I have now been doing this successfully for many years. See my testimonials at the bottom of selected pages throughout this website.  

2001 – The company my wife and I worked for went bust. I worked in Bournemouth but lived in Tunbridge Wells – it was very hard being away from my family.

2005 – I needed a contingency plan after the demise of my previous employer and the fact that I was in my fifties, so I sought help from a coaching course. After completing the ‘life balance wheel’ I found that of the 8 sections covered only the earnings element was satisfactory. On the Sunday I was coached through the process of “what if your company asks you to leave” and the next day it happened! But paradoxically, this put me in a strong place to move forward with my contingency plan.

2011 – I made some significant changes to be able to work in my home town spending valuable time with my family and have time for additional interests too. My earnings were significantly down but I was and am happy.

2015 until the present – I now work from home focusing on my own business. My wife has recently retired so I am now down to a 4-day week and we are able to plan holidays without impacting on my coaching programmes. We have now recovered our flat in Bournemouth which gives me the opportunity of seeing my ex colleagues, now close friends, on a regular basis. I go to group supervision on behalf of my clients and myself in a totally confidential environment to improve my skills and keep me on the straight and narrow. In some ways I am in my 12th year of transition into my retirement. I really enjoy what I do and get a real buzz out of seeing all types of people and businesses get where they want to get to.

Making change happen – most of us have stages in our lives when we feel in a rut and it’s quite normal to go through periods like this, why not use my frequently asked questions to start questioning why making a change is important to you. Choosing the right time to make changes is essential and it could be now! 

Whether you’re looking to change direction in your working career, need help to assess the management of your team or business, or just need to plan for your future, I’m the person to contact.