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Why aren’t there more EOT companies?

An EOT is an Employee Ownership Trust.  For many years now, employees in the UK have been able to hold a stake in the businesses for which they work. Employee ownership, however, only really took off following The Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership in 2012. The following has been taken from a book called the […]

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10 Essential Tips for Owners and Managers

One of the regular weekly blogs I read can be found at and Paul Matthews has kindly allowed me to use his 50 Essential Tips for Managers and put my version on his tips. His booklet is all about getting better results for you and your team and his regular articles make for good reading. […]

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Your Dream Job – The Hedgehog Concept

Throughout my career, I have normally been lucky and enjoyed what I do. I can probably say I am in my dream job at the moment. Are you in your dream job? I am an Associate of Coachilla, who sent me a mailer recently on an important theme and with their permission, I am using […]

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How to Retire Happy Wild and Free by Ernie J Zelinski

Before you decide not to read this, because you are decades off retirement, please read the first paragraph at least. I spoke to a young chap networking earlier this month who wasn’t going to take advantage of Auto-Enrolment Pensions as he was trying to get on the housing ladder, so why think of pensions! Start […]

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Planning for 2017 and Beyond

It’s the beginning of the year and time for me to reflect and revise my plans, consider my business activities, thinking and also start looking beyond 2017…are you doing this? Stop and consider the following: What worked well for you in 2016? What do you want to do differently in 2017? Do you have something […]

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I have taken the headings out of Sir Alex Ferguson’s book which I received as a present for Christmas. I must admit even though Sir Alex has been lecturing at Harvard it has not had the same impact on me as Sir Clive Woodward’s book” Winning” and I am a United supporter! Listening – We […]

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Having Fun

We are getting close to Christmas so we should be having fun shouldn’t we? Having fun will mean many different things to many people and if we don’t enjoy ourselves what is life all about anyway. I have always said I am not a “happy clappy” type of coach but being happy and being comfortable […]

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Experts in our own trades and professions

I have been fulfilling my portfolio role of Development Director for two companies and coach supervisor for 8 years now, and I still have a problem with selling the idea of how coaching can support small businesses. Selling and coaching doesn’t go together and people should see the benefits, rather than being sold to, anyway. […]

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Testimonial from a client

I have had a portfolio career focusing mainly on coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision for 7 years now and it is truly amazing how the time has flown. As I get slightly older, it has increased the opportunity of spending more time with the family and following other pursuits like coaching youngsters at cricket and […]

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Coaching/Mentoring – What do I have to offer?

Coaching in my view is an intelligent conversation where the coach does most of the listening and is incredibly focused on the coachee with a totally unbiased view. Mentoring is normally passing on information from a more experienced person to another. I have very much a coaching style whether I am coaching or mentoring and […]

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