Business Mentoring

Finding the right direction for you

Do you find yourself working long hours, some days not knowing which way to turn? You may feel you are less productive and not moving forward in the way you would like to… nor fast enough! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader or manager, there is a way through this uphill struggle. Your focus probably needs to change and a reassessment of your work or business is essential at this stage, especially with the recent changes to our working methods. As you will see from my clients’ views recent changes to working virtually can be a huge benefit.

Be in control of your initial objectives – finding yourself working IN the business and not ON the business will only add to losing focus on what really matters. At certain stages in life and work you do need to rethink your business ambitions and life balance to.  Once you have started to revaluate your future actions, it’s easier than you think. Surprisingly quickly you will find you are more effective, calmer and happier. Make a start now…take action and contact me for an initial ‘free’ no obligation chat.

My coaching and mentoring programme can help you find the solutions you need and enable you to have the thinking time. Importantly you will have the impetus to move forward positively, creating a plan and purpose to make the changes required. As a mentor I have been there, right where you are, and have made numerous mistakes that I can now use as a basis for helping others like you to avoid the devastating effects of not knowing where to turn next. Why not use my frequently asked questions to start questioning why making a change is important to you.

So, you think you haven’t got time for this? Making time to put this right has never been more important. You will be surprised how our first discussion together kick start you to make the necessary changes required. As an accredited coach, I have the depth of knowledge and experience in business to be able to understand your needs quickly and help you facilitate the important first steps. I am a business professional, very experienced in sales, sales management, operations and customer delivery. I have also been a Managing Director and I am a qualified Marketer and a trained coach who is action centred.

With this programme you get a totally independent fresh approach to create the solutions you need. My coaching is fully focused on you, your business and your teams. Together we will establish the specific change that’s required and pinpoint what you want to get from my coaching (or mentoring) to gain successful outcomes.

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What the programme involves

Depending on your initial thoughts, early discussion and the completion of the Business Questionnaire it could mean small, initial changes to make a start, or a more thorough review of your work/business and personal goals, perhaps a re-assessment of your vision and values.

    • I would support you and help build your action plans
    • The strategy would be agreed together and can be phased if necessary
    • We can make the changes specifically for you, or be inclusive, so everybody is on board and ready for the challenges ahead
    • I can assist in keeping you on track throughout the year
    • We can meet monthly or quarterly, as required, to assess the change and consider next steps
  • As time progresses, you will see a tangible change that is not only effective but motivational to you and those around you

Outcomes from the coaching and mentoring

Every company has different needs, some require more or less coaching and mentoring than others. Bespoke coaching can often be the most beneficial and could include all or any of the following:

    • Taking stock and time to reflect and analyse         
    • Helping you think through decisions
    • Devising a structured action plan
    • Ensuring Personal Goals aligned to the business
    • Enabling the building of strong links with your team
    • Empowering others by unlocking the potential in your team
    • Thorough review of business and personal goals
    • Review of the sales and marketing process
    • Evaluation of Customer Service Delivery
    • Assessment of time management
    • Reassessment of Vision, Mission and Values
    • Setting Smart Goals
    • Discovering niches
    • Ensuring smooth systems in place
  • Clear organization and communication in place

My sessions with Neil are a consistent and dedicated time to stop, breathe and evaluate the big picture, recognise wins, and re-focus on the next steps. They bring clarity, balance and accountability to both my personal and business life, and the results have been remarkable.” – Rob Hillier Partner/Head Coach