What is a Personal Brand all about?

After my last edition of Meaningful Moments about fonts and getting a company’s marketing strategy right, I thought I would follow up with this one regarding personal brands. Talking about a personal bran, sounds too impersonal to me, it makes me think of an artificial layer in front of the real you. I have a website www.nvwsolutions.co.uk and I have had plenty of feedback to say it reflects the real me Does that mean it is my personal brand?

Marketing specialists talk about crafting key messages and a brand story that sticks. I understand that your story should hopefully be interesting and grab the attention of any readers or listeners but at the same time it needs to be real. Our LinkedIn profiles should match our websites and attract our selected audiences. Social media should do the same, but does that mean I have to talk about myself and family, or do I stick to business themes?

There is no doubt referrals are the best way of getting business. Keeping in the memory of your network is essential so previous connections know you still exist when they have a need for your skills. I suppose this relies on your own reputation which is a form of personal branding which other people talk about, rather than you talking about yourself?

I have spoken about using all of the marketing channels before and I believe we should try a variety of promotion and see what works for you. Being a prominent speaker is a good way, but I don’t need to do that anymore after leaving the corporate world. As a coach owing to trust being so vital for confidentiality and building rapport. I have found advertising whether in magazines does not really work for me but with saying that social media spreads the word quite nicely. Authenticity is one of my values which is so important as a coach. What are your values and what personal branding will impact your prospects or employers the most?

Surely a personal brand is just being you and promoting yourself in the most honest way to your prospects. If you want to talk about how to promote your brand or your business, get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk and we can bounce things around.

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