Long term Relationships can be so good

It all started in 2008 at a networking event when I got into conversation with an MD who had certain business issues and it turned out he needed a sounding board to bounce things off confidentially.

We followed up with a meeting at my house and then we continued this mentoring arrangement for many years as the MD needed another independent person to bounce things off to work out his strategy. The MD headed up an expanding company but was being inhibited by being part of a group of companies. He needed to get out of the group to which his evolving company was paying an exaggerated amount to other partners whose companies did not appear to be pulling their weight. This took some deliberation and time to achieve.

Once the shackles were off, the MD gave me the opportunity to coach his up-and-coming managers who started off as team leaders with some later becoming Directors of this company which now has nearly 50 employees. The founding MD has now sold his company to a sizeable group and was given the opportunity to support the new leadership team in onboarding into this new group.

The new MD, who was one of those original team leaders, recently said this:

Neil has played an intrinsic role in the development of our senior management team and as such, we have developed a great partnership with NVW Solutions.

Personally, I have found the coaching sessions with Neil to be hugely beneficial in helping me reach my full potential. Neil has been able to draw on his own experience and insights to help work through difficult challenges throughout various stages of my career. I have found enormous value in our sessions and would strongly recommend his mentoring.

For me it has been one of those rare opportunities as a coach of having a fifteen-year relationship with a successful company and seeing individuals reach their full potential. Normally relationships only last 6 months as coaching is not meant to be a crutch for individuals. This has been very different with part mentoring and individual coaching for individuals as they rise through the ranks. Looking back, it has been a bit special for me as a coach and mentor.

Funnily enough, I have had 2 companies go through a similar process recently and hopefully I will be able to support at least one of these new groups go to the next level. These long-term relationships can be a bit special. If you know of any companies, MDs, or Directors needing either mentoring or coaching support, please get them to contact neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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