When might you require coaching or mentoring?

Whether it is coaching or mentoring, both skills relate to the coach or mentor listening acutely and posing questions for the coachee or mentee to see their situation a lot clearer. For most of the following examples, an accredited coach will be best; the first example could be either a coach or a mentor.

Transitioning to a new role or a more senior role

  • How will you make this step up?
  • What will your peers think?
  • Are you going to act differently?
  • How are you going to make an impact in your first 90 days?

Being made redundant or looking for a new job

  • You may be lost and not sure what to do next
  • You might have lost your confidence or not had to apply for a job for years
  • You might need to practice your interview technique in order to achieve the job of your dreams

To build team, leadership and personal skills

  • You might not have led a team before, where do you start?
  • You could be a specialist without natural people skills
  • You may have had issues in the past that you need to resolve
  • How are you going to find the time to lead when you have your own individual targets to achieve?

To address the balance between your work and home life

  • You are working too many hours
  • After Covid and working from home, you seem to be away all of the time
  • You are missing too many family events
  • You are just far too stretched, not achieving what you want

To boost your motivation

  • You are feeling stale and are missing the get up and go
  • Another year and how are you going to achieve those targets?
  • You are just not feeling right

To meet a specific goal

  • You are not sure where to start
  • Things are complex
  • You need a plan to achieve this goal

Whether it is coaching or mentoring ( I have been in most of the above situations during my working career) I could well give you a different perspective on all of the above examples and support you in finding the right answers and approach. Contact neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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