Putting People and Purpose First

In my previous Meaningful Moments newsletters, I have commented on “where have all the people gone” and “the great resignation”. Owing to the plethora of unfilled jobs available, employers need to think differently.

Employers can no longer just offer the right role and the right salary package, they also need to offer flexible hybrid working, with 3/2 days working from home and being in the office. To build a strong culture though, companies do need their employees to be in the office some of the time to build bonds, develop team working and the right focus.

For many employees, work is an integral part of life that offers many positives and strong links to personal purpose and feelings of accomplishment. According to McKinsey, 40% of employees are considering quitting in the next 3 to 6 months! From “Great Place to Work’s” data shows that millennials in particular, who make up the largest generational working cohort in the UK (more than 14.2 million), are desperately seeking equity, transparency, flexibility and purpose.

What is clear is that millions of employees are now demanding a new type of company, where purpose is manifested into core values and practices that can endure over time.

One way of achieving this is through setting up an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) of which I have been a trustee for the last 12 months. EOTs are great for employees as they have more power and rights to profits. The wider economy benefits too, as employees care more about their work, productivity increases, service to customers improves and it helps reduce the wealth divide with profits spread more widely. If you want to know more about EOTs, get in touch with Chris Maslin (info@goeo.uk 01892 300987) who is focusing on smaller companies and how they can achieve this change of status. 

Whether you are an employee looking for another challenge Career Coaching with Accredited Coach Neil Williams (nvwsolutions.co.uk) or a company wanting to review their culture Business Mentoring | Accredited Coach Neil Williams (nvwsolutions.co.uk)  get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk 

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