Do you have a life plan?

Following on from last month’s Meaningful Moments “Where have all the People gone?”, it seems that Covid has had a massive impact on the way that people act and think about their future. Many people, with the help of lockdowns, had time to reflect and changed their careers, retired early, or made other significant changes like moving location taking advantage of hybrid working. Have you made any changes to your life or do you have a life plan?

A life plan is a roadmap for your life that helps you prioritise what is important to you, helping you to make decisions based on your priorities and move towards the life you want. Your life plan does not have to be rigid, ideally it is flexible and does not have to be too detailed, owing to the ups and downs and various opportunities that come our way in life.

1st Age

I am going to call 1st age up to our late 20’s, when a life plan is difficult to perceive as getting our first job or career path worked out is the priority. It is finding a job which suits your skills and hopefully one that you will enjoy for many years. Having a career plan is still a good idea.
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2nd Age

In our 30’s and 40’s, it is good to check whether life is going to plan (even if you haven’t had a plan before!). We are normally engrossed in providing for our families and ensuring we have enough income to look after our families’ needs. Questions to consider could be: –

  • How is life working for you and your family?
  • Do you have the right balance between work and life?
  • What are your values? Are you abiding by them?
  • What are the goals you want to achieve Is it time for you to have a Life Plan?

3rd Age
Retirement Coaching with Accredited Coach Neil Williams (

After talking to many people over the last few weeks, I am going to change the term “retirement” into 3rd Age coaching. I am not sure that people in their 50s and 60s actually do retire, and if they do, they don’t like the term “retirement” (I don’t, that’s why I accept I am semi-retired now!)

This is the biggest transition, going from totally focussed, squeezing all of your activities into short patches of time, possibly being stressed and not having enough time to think about you and what makes you happy. It is probably a time where you might have become an empty nester and should be able to consider what is important to you and your partner. Things to consider could be:-

  • From being driven, how can you plan to enjoy yourself?
  • How do you slow down and enjoy a different pace in life?
  • How can you get pleasure in doing simple things and maybe only having one thing to focus on each day, instead of spinning lots of plates?
  • IKIGAI, the Japanese concept which means what is your reason for being, what inspires you to get out of bed every day?

Whatever stage you are at, if you want time to think and put a simple life plan together, get in touch with and we can spend some time together to ensure you are pointing your life in the right direction.

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