How to get results out of Leadership Teams

I received a book called Jump by Chris Henderson 6 years ago and parked it with my extensive library of books I have been decluttering over the New Year as part of this exercise I thought I should give Chris’s book a read and share it with you along with my own practical experience

  • How do you get challenging, driven people to focus on the wider perspective and not purely on their own department?
  • The biggest challenges in organisations are cross functional in nature
  • Driven people with functional expertise are used to leading their own departments rather than being naturally collaborative

Leadership is relational

  • A sense of community and belonging
  • Authenticity in leaders (trust and belief)
  • Significance
  • Excitement (Job and leadership stimulation)

Often the weak role and influence of an HR department in many leadership teams shows how  people issues, like morale, communications, leadership, training and performance are sometimes neglected.

Team members are only too familiar with the kind of meeting that descends into unproductive buck passing dominated by parochial views and defensive reactions. Each member of the leadership team is likely to bring a big personality, a lot of determination and considerable self-belief. The challenge is to harness this individualistic energy and flair in a context that demands close, cooperative collaboration with other forceful talents.

From my own experience, leadership teams have often included the wrong type of people, focusing on the wrong things, wasting a lot of time on purely administrative issues rather than aspects which really impact the growth and longevity of the business. I am very happy to share my experience through coaching, so if any of the challenges impact your business and you want some support contact In addition, the first person to contact me can have my copy of Jump which is still in good condition except for some highlighting

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