Why is this a Christmas gift to me?

Many people understandably don’t want to talk about being coached, not wanting to show vulnerability as the general public often don’t really know what coaching is. Coaching is not therapy; it is the opportunity to stop and reflect and have a meaningful conversation with a trained professional, to find a way forward and get where you want to get to. When I received this testimonial from James, it was an early Christmas present for me.

I suppose this sums up why I coach, and James’ testimonial is clear evidence of the positive impact I have had. As coaches, we are not always aware of the impact we have had.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Neil as a business coach and mentor over several years now having first been introduced by one of my now numerous previous bosses!  Yes I do have a few grey hairs these days… 

Neil was a coach and mentor to myself and several of my senior colleagues and line reports, ultimately helping us to bring a consistent approach to the business and ensuring that all had the chance to develop their skills and careers with the support of an independent, experienced professional coach and mentor.

Back in 2013,, shortly after we first met, Neil’s help and support as a mentor to me personally was invaluable during a particularly difficult period. My wife had just undergone surgery for Ovarian Cancer and was starting a year’s follow-on Chemotherapy meaning all sorts of disruption to our lives, emotionally, logistically, and physically.  Not to mention the soul searching you do when all your pre-conceived plans for life are put on hold overnight.  On top of the personal turmoil, I was trying to hold down a relatively new senior position with my employer, a small independent insurance company, and although my boss was very understanding and tremendously flexible, having been through a similar experience with his own family, there remains the pressure you put upon yourself to perform and “keep up appearances” whilst all around you feels like its sitting on shifting sands.  Neil really helped me navigate that difficult time and became a close confidant and someone whose experience, help and support I value tremendously to this day, in fact I recently completed a series of coaching sessions with Neil having now set up my own consultancy business.  Neil was again a great support coaching me towards finding the answers and solutions I needed at a much more positive stage of life as myself and my wife (yes she’s fit and well ????) transition to a more relaxed lifestyle in advance of our eventual full retirement in a few years’ time.  Neil also coaches for retirement too so who knows, it may not be the last time we work together!”

James Guthrie, Broker Distribution Specialist

There are clear benefits of being a coach for me, mixing with a wide range of age groups, sectors and people hopefully keeping me young at heart. When I see real change in my coachees over a 6 month period it gives me a real buzz. With saying that, it is not about me but I thank James for my early Christmas present. 

If you know anybody who wants to do something differently in 2022, or achieve some challenging plans, please pass on my details to them neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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