What does middle age and old age mean today?

In the old days, middle age used to be 35; the halfway point for our allotted “three score years and ten”. It is hardly the case these days, yet midlife crisis for men often happens in their early 40’s when maybe they feel time is running out and they haven’t achieved what they intended to, or they are not happy with their lot.

Surely whether it is middle age or old age, it is the positive state of mind that counts assuming we are healthy enough?!

Let’s say middle age is 50 now, as long as we are reasonably fit. It is an opportunity for life to open up rather than closing down.

From my experience of the insurance industry, I have known a number of men who have talked about retirement for years without any sort of plan. Then, when the day comes, they effectively close down as if it is the end of their life and sadly often is. Could this be known as wishing your life away and not making the most of life?

As far as old age is concerned our people like me and keep suggesting that old age only starts in about 10 years from where you really are? So whether someone is 50 or 75, it is important to try to:

  • Have a really passionate interest, or set of interests, maybe something you have always wanted to do 
  • Maybe start a new career including using new skills – it has certainly worked for me!
  • Meet new people, engaging with new groups or starting a new group yourself 
  • Support your grown-up children with some babysitting/childcare (not too much!) or continue to share interests with your older children
  • When I reached 50, I wanted to have a big party. Now I try and ignore birthdays and continue tograb the opportunity to do things I enjoy and keep active.

At age 50, there is normally a lot of life left. As long as we don’t waste it and we look after ourselves, we can have as good a life as we have had before. When one gets older, the term “old age” gets further away – well it does in my book anyway.

Britt Ekland at age 78 avoids 3 words “shoulda, woulda and coulda” which sounds like a good mantra to me.

The question “What do I do with the rest of my life?” is now popping up with a regularity I’ve never seen before. Whether it’s the pandemic, or marketplace upheaval, or remote working, or other trends in careers … there are many possible reasons. But the question is everywhere. 

If you want to start answering your question and talk to somebody confidentially about a career change (or significant change of any kind) or possible retirement, please get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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