Why use me as a coach or coach supervisor

At a recent networking session over Zoom, we were asked to comment in our 1-minute review “why do clients buy from me?”  was a really interesting question to reflect upon and here are my initial thoughts, in no particular order.

  • I am a really good listener which wasn’t always the case. My June Meaningful Moments will be focusing on acute listening, so I won’t steal its thunder now!
  • Anything I coach, I have had practical experience in so I understand, in most cases, where the client is coming from. Hopefully this means I can show empathy as at some stage I have been in a similar situation myself.
  • I have now been a coach for 16 years and a coach supervisor for 13 years so hopefully I have the experience and have got the hang of it by now!
  • I am an accredited coach (Association of Coaching) and coach supervisor (Association of Coaching and Association of Coaching Supervisors) which takes a lot to achieve in the first place and has to be renewed every 3 years (AC) and annually (AOCS).
  • I am in regular supervision, which means I reflect and have a group to which I can confidentially take any issues I might have, to ensure I deal with things better the next time for my clients.
  • I continue to learn in the form of Continuing Professional Development up to 40 hours a year, improving my skills and knowledge.
  • Career coaching. I was made redundant 3 times in 10 years for a variety of reasons, so I know how that feels. Redundancy was one of the key reasons why I coach now, so it can definitely be an opportunity.
  • Leadership or Executive coaching. I have been a sales manager, an operations manager, a Managing Director and a Non-Executive Director. I know what it feels like to be in a Board room and how to influence key Directors.
  • Retirement coaching. I am retired from my previous insurance career. I ensure I enjoy my retirement by having a real purpose in life and at the same time get a life/work balance.
  • Business Mentoring. I have set up my own business albeit small and perfectly formed! 
  • Possibly the most important reason is that I really enjoy my work and get a buzz out of seeing other people get to where they want to get to.

So, if you ever need a coach or supervisor, or you know somebody who might need some support at the moment, please get in touch or send them my contact details neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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