What is going to be the long-term impact Covid-19?

Who knows, as we could still be in the middle of it, if a second wave takes place! In the meantime, my coaching and coach supervision business has now become either virtual or outside walking. How has Covid impacted you and your business/employer?

Working from home has been beneficial for some and a lot harder for others. The following statistics are from Raconteur from the Times.

  • 74% of workers say the people are what they miss most about the office
  • 55% say collaborating with others is harder at home
  • 51% say staying up to date on what others are working on is difficult

So, what will offices look like in the future? Will work be a blended approach of working from home and attending the office? How will a company build a culture, if everybody is working from home?

It seems that many people are struggling mentally working from home, possibly as high as 85%. I put forward a package of coaching support for this and did not get anybody taking it up – maybe there is still scope?!

83% of employees believe it is their responsibility to reskill themselves (Leadership or Executive coaching can support employees in this). Examples are talent agility, cultural competence, managing remote teams, human quotient – empathy for personal experience.

During the last 4/5 months individuals have had time to reflect and are considering their options:

1 Do they still have to work for their current employer or have to commute to major cities?

2 Are they staying where they are for the moment owing to the importance of having a job with so many redundancies around the corner?

3 Do they want to do something totally different possibly setting up their own business (https://nvwsolutions.co.uk/businessmentoring/ can support new thinking and ideas for new businesses)

4 After spending so much time at home, is it actually time to retire, after finding they are comfortable being at home? (retirement coaching can support this)

Although the last few months have been difficult, there are opportunities for businesses and individuals to do things differently and draw positives out of what will continue to be unknown for some time. If I can help you with any of the identified types of coaching above, please get in touch neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk It may help to bounce things going around in your head with somebody independent in a confidential environment.

If you think any of the above types of coaching can benefit any of your friends, family or colleagues please forward my details to them – thank you

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