How will you and your company come out of Lockdown?

There have to be some positives coming out of the last 3 months but are we and our companies going to maximise these opportunities going forward?

1 Managers have had to trust their employees and generally have been repaid. Are you going to restructure your working week and become even more efficient – will you be allowed to?

2 Technology has not let us down. All of that contingency planning by companies has paid off. How much travelling time through using video conferencing etc can you reduce going forward? When will it be necessary to have face to face contact and meetings?

3 Community spirit, support, and friendliness has grown significantly. Can we keep this going in the future? Even if it is just nodding or saying hello in the street!

4 Being separated has meant more people have made an effort to communicate more. Could this be starting to reduce now? Maybe a blended approach of office working, and home working could be the answer?


  • What activities are you going to stop?
  • What activities are you going to keep?
  • Is there anything else you can do differently?
  • How have you kept morale going through this period?
  • How have you kept your employees engaged and solution focused?
  • How well have your managers coped and developed in this time?


  • How have you coped working from home?
  • Have you been more efficient?
  • Have you missed the social interaction?
  • What would the ideal working week look like to you going forward?
  • How can you structure your week to be more efficient?
  • Will your employer allow you to make any changes to your working week?

There have to be lessons learnt through these difficult months. Are you going to use them going forward? This is a subject that really interests me, so if I can be of use contact

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