Virtual coaching and mentoring – the way ahead for you and me!

Now that many of us are based at home, there’s been an overwhelming need to transition to online working.

This change has also meant a switch to virtual coaching and mentoring which works really well and can help you with:

  • Development of your leadership style or running your business
  • Career transition or assessing whether you are in the right career
  • Planning your retirement

I have been coaching virtually for 15 years, initially by telephone and more recently Skype. I know it works really well for all concerned and my clients agree, as evidenced by their feedback. It focuses the mind and normally a lot more ground can be covered in a shorter period of time. When things get back to normal, whatever that will look like, the vast majority of people will have been operating using virtual systems such as Zoom and Skype and will realise the benefits themselves. So, it’s a win for all concerned.

The benefits to you of virtual coaching

 1. Geography is not a barrier – it’s an opportunity! I have been coaching clients virtually in Australia, Bermuda and Switzerland, as well as professionals closer to home in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Bolton.

2. No more travelling time by road and rail.

3. Reduction in travel and entertainment costs, although I still like having a coffee or a beer with people!

4. Clients may find it easier to talk remotely, not having to worry about the meeting itself.

5. Being able to relax and speak to me from the comfort of your own office or home although it’s still best to be away from a cluttered desk and, of course, the dreaded telephone.

How does virtual coaching work?

To start off the coaching process we will have a 20-minute phone call or Zoom meet, whichever works best for you. We can then establish why you want to be coached or mentored in the first place and assess whether we can work together. For Leadership or Executive Coaching, we can set up a 3-way discussion with either your Line or HR Manager and agree the objectives of the coaching for the 6/12-month period.

This could be a further opportunity for coaching to be given to people further down the pecking order in companies and also maybe for younger people where safeguarding may be more easily operated.

I am looking forward to building my virtual coaching business from 20% to 100% of what I do in the short term and then perhaps 80% when we get back to normal. If you can help spread the word to the following groups that would be brilliant:

  • Aspiring Managers and Directors who need a bit of fine tuning in time management or to build their own confidence
  • Young people working out what sort of career they will enjoy – the Prism Profile ( is of great benefit here
  • Business owners who need a sounding board and perhaps a business plan to help drive their business forward
  • People who have had a good career and are planning their retirement

Thank you for your help in supporting my business become virtual.

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