Why do we do what we do?

The easy answer would be to earn money but if we don’t actually enjoy the work then a career spanning 45 years or more looks a long way away. I enjoy what I do for a number of different reasons.

1. I have always been interested in people’s behaviour. When I focused on sales, I was interested in prospective buyers and my sales team’s body language. With coaching, there is so much more going on.

2. With coaching and supervision, there isn’t a right way of doing something; there are many ways of supporting people to get what they want

3. I am very results orientated. However, as a coach it is not for me to get the results but to ensure the coachee or supervisee is accountable so they can get the results they might not have achieved, except for coaching.

4. I get a real buzz out of people getting what they want, whether that’s a job, promotion, building a successful business or even a happy retirement

With the help of my supervisor, just as I recommend to my clients, I have reviewed what I do and also what I should charge for my services. At the moment I promote my Leadership/Executive coaching and career coaching in packages normally over a 6-month basis. This seems to work well for all concerned although I have been undervaluing myself (a number of my clients do too, which is called a parallel process.) so I will be charging more for my career coaching going forward.

So, why have I not been promoting business mentoring/ retirement coaching and supervision on a package basis? I know my mentoring and coaching works and through the help of my supervisor I have realised I should go about these categories in a different way.

Business Mentoring, I will be charging an amount upfront for 4 sessions

Session 1 Analysis and exploration up to 2 hours

Session 2 Issues, problems and opportunities up to 1 and a half hours

Session 3 Building a business plan up to 2 hours

Session 4 1st Quarter Review and then establish whether the business wants a regular quarterly review

Why am I changing my approach? Generally business owners do not have a structured approach and most of them do not have a business plan. If they have a relatively simple action, orientated business plan which they use on a weekly/monthly basis, they will be more successful. Too many live by the seat of their pants and jump from one opportunity or crisis to another and do not invest enough of their time working on their business

So, if I change my approach, hopefully business owners will change their approach and build more successful businesses. I will get a buzz out of seeing this too. I still have some work to do on my retirement coaching and supervision work so I must seek out my supervisor too! It is good to talk, REFLECT, PLAN and ACT. If you want to change your approach, get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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