Coming out from under that stone

Or how to make a difference

As one gets older it is quite easy to pull back from things and revert to the more natural you. A good example of this is making presentations. In my corporate life I forced myself to present in front of many sizeable audiences, but now that I don’t have to, I prefer not to.

As part of my role as a coach is to try and help my coachees to change I think this isn’t quite right and so I am going to try to push my own boat out a little. In October I am going out to Portugal to support a fellow coach at her retreat which will focus on life/work balance and change in a person’s later life. If you know anybody who wants a relaxing week to give themselves time to think please send them this link

I have also been volunteering for Samaritans for a couple of years and 5% of my coaching and coach supervision fees will now go to this cause. Earlier this month I got out from under my stone and walked around Tunbridge Wells as part of the Samaritans ”feet on the street” initiative which was very interesting. The principle of the exercise is purely to hand out cards showing the Samaritans’ free telephone number and to spread the word of how e Samaritans can help people in distress or suicidal. Although I have been in sales most of my life, I found this very uncomfortable. Was it because I felt it was intrusive to people walking around the town and enjoying themselves? Or is it that I am more introvert than extravert or still don’t like the feeling of rejection. I will leave this role to my co-volunteer who was a nurse and a natural, when I was not. At least I tried it!

Last month I had the opportunity to observe two business meetings and complete Prism Profiles (see ) for each of the attendees and give initial feedback and then thematic feedback to hopefully improve these meetings for the future. Initially when I was given this opportunity, it would have been easy to say no, as I hadn’t been involved with this type of work before. When I sat back and considered my career, I have been involved in so many poorly run meetings in the past and of course as a sales manager and a coach, I have been observing people for decades! The exercise has gone very well with the meetings achieving the desired results with very few changes to make. If you want any sort of independent assessment of your meetings or a different perspective let me know. I don’t need to understand any of the technical aspects, purely people behaviour and how they react normally and then when they are under stress.

So, I suppose a question you could ask of yourself is, are you hiding your light under a bushel or do you need to come out from under your stone?

If you would like to consider anything which will naturally bring out your potential and help you live a more fruitful and enjoyable life???and I can help please get in touch with or have a look at my website

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