Planning for later life – What lies ahead?

Life is full of ups and downs. Most of us have stages when we feel “stuck” and it is quite normal to go through phases like this and have feelings like these. For some, facing retirement, planning your finances and future can be daunting, intimidating and just plain scary.

There is a lot of good information around on planning your retirement including:

Steps to planning a successful retirement

Do you want to be a:

  • Cliff edger – working full-time up to retirement. (My wife has just done this and seems to be coping fine)
  • Part-timer – gradually reducing your hours as retirement approaches
  • Wind downer – gradually increasing the amount of holiday you take
  • Re-inventor – finishing one career and starting another
  • Open ender – no commitment to retire
  • Or a combination? (I had a portfolio career for 9 years and now I purely focus on coaching which wasn’t what I did during my corporate career)


  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What does your partner enjoy doing?
  • What will you enjoy doing together?
  • How will you create space for each other?
  • What other pressures may you have e.g. family)?
  • How will you go from a full time working life to retirement or pre-retirement (working less hours but still earning money)?
  • How will you adapt from saving for your retirement to spending your hard-earned pension (this is a big mental shift!)
  • What else concerns you about retirement – loss of ego, purpose, fulfilment, friendships, challenge?

Funnily enough just this week a new client said to me I am looking to retire in 4 years, so thinking about retiring is a bit early. When I see him tomorrow I will be suggesting, it is a great time to be considering what he wants to think about, for what is probably the biggest transition of his life.

If you need somebody independent and totally confidential to give you a different perspective about the non-financial aspects of retirement, please get in touch with me or have a look at my website

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