Are you Worth it?

I am currently reading a book called “Are you worth it” by Liz Almond (quotes in italics) which is well worth a read as it gets you to question a number of thoughts or beliefs you may have. It is a spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners. A few years ago, if I saw the word “spiritual” in a book, I would have run a mile. For some reason I aligned the word spiritual with religion. Now I see it very separately, and view much of nature as being spiritual.

In my coaching over the last 11 years, I see a surprisingly high number of business owners who don’t value themselves enough and obviously have a problem with the words “are you worth it” and don’t charge enough for their services. I have recently considered myself coming from a belief in abundance rather than scarcity but may be that is because I don’t need to scrimp and save anymore. If I look back at my childhood, we never had a lot, but at the same time we had enough. Our parents didn’t put any financial pressures on us. However, would I have gone into my own business with all of its financial pressures when my family was younger? I doubt it with financial security being a value I hold closely.

In Liz’s book she mentions the book “One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and Mark Allan which says “there are only two doors in life: the door marked Security and the door marked Freedom. If you choose the door marked Security you lose both. Security is linked to the past i.e. what have you known. I don’t see it that way, as security has always been important to my family and ensuring they are safe for the future. I now need to go and buy this book!

Liz has had her problems and is very open in her book. She brings all her skills into her solutions including being an inspirational teacher, therapist, coach and business mentor. Liz has the skills to go back in time and work with coachees, where I tend to work with my coachees from the present into the future. If you have deep rooted issues I suggest you buy Liz’s book and or look at her website

Money is such an emotive subject. Some people have it, some people have lots of it and some people have none. Some people love having it, some people hate having it, some people are jealous that other people have it and they don’t. Some people judge people for being wealthy or poor. Others really don’t care. A lot of beliefs have been passed onto us from the age of 7 or 8. The more we focus on sorting out our health and wellbeing and maintain the right money beliefs and behaviours, our wealth will flow and our happiness will follow – I wonder how you measure whether you are successful or not?

Often clients work with the belief” I must work hard” to earn money. Unfortunately, this belief works against them as the harder they work, often the more strain they put on themselves as they are using the wrong strategies for success. – Hard work is one of my values, hopefully I don’t fall into this trap, do you?

Often, we can worry if we are good enough and this can affect our confidence and the results we achieve in life. We can give up too easily on things that we need, as we lack confidence – this is something I come across a lot where business owners don’t value themselves sufficiently and don’t charge enough for their services – I can help you with this!

The key to valuing yourself is getting the work/life balance correct. Often with a small business owner, looking after your health can take a back seat especially if you are living from a scarcity mindset. I can’t stress enough, systems and processes in your business will allow you to take the time out and to manage your finances so that you can take a holiday – In my experience most business owners don’t plan to recharge their batteries and ensure they are fit for the long term

Until you wake up and become self-aware, you come from a place of blame rather than learning from life. When you are a visionary in your life and business, and you create your vision, life lights up for you and you will be much happier as you realise you can change anything which is not going in the right direction for you – I do some volunteering and it is noticeable that people in trouble often blame everybody else rather than themselves and don’t learn from their experiences and move on. Having a vision and a plan helps us move on.

So, are you worth it? Do you maximise your opportunities and know what you are aiming for? Hopefully this newsletter may give you some ideas going forward. If you have things from the past to sort out, get in touch with Liz, or buy her book. If you want to work on anything going forward, get in touch with me or visit my website

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