Do what you have always done and get what you have always got!

I am not sure where this expression came from and it does not sound particularly good English but it is very descriptive of how many people and businesses don’t react or plan, in these ever-changing times.

When I started coaching eleven years ago, women were a lot more open to change similar to how they consider going to the doctors, they listen to their bodies and go to the doctors if they think something is wrong or if their intuition tells them to. We blokes tend to bury these feelings and go into our caves and only take action if we are told to, or sometimes when it might be too late. 

In more recent times, I am finding that both genders in business and careers are starting to see things from a different perspective and realise they need to think differently for their businesses and careers to continue to be successful.


The coaching process starts with a questionnaire which includes your values (most people don’t know what they are), why did you set up your business or start your career in the first place, and is it fulfilling what you want now. Does work facilitate what you want in challenge and enjoyment and do you have sufficient life outside work.


From what has been completed in the questionnaire and after further discussion between us you then go   away and draft a plan for which I give him you a template for, we then have a further discussion before the plan is put into its final form. This is a working plan including action points to ensure the you do things which you haven’t always done including experimentation and perhaps focusing in other areas.


We often have many different ideas, but things take over our time, and we never quite have enough time to put them into action. Once the action points are written into your plan, they happen particularly if there is a coaching or mentoring session set up with me 4 or 6 weeks later. One of my coachees calls this “keeping him honest” and I think what he means here is keeping him honest to himself i.e. doing the things he said he was going to do, rather than leaving them on a shelf in his mind?

So, if you want to change things and “NOT do what you have always done” take some form of action. Something must have grabbed your attention. Maybe your profits are down, or your frustrations are up, or you never see your family or there just isn’t a life outside work? Whatever it is that your intuition is prodding you on, pick up your mobile and give me a call on 07970 225058 or email me at

What I have found over the years, to change and get better results, is not massive change but a number of small changes which accumulate to make business and life so much better for my coachees or mentees. Go on try it!

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