VUCA a year on and how is your Mindset?

I wrote an article a year ago, straight after Brexit, beginning with

  • Volatile
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Anxiety

So, what does VUCA do to us as individuals and businesses? We might feel excluded, anxious, lacking in control and inhibited by stress. Anxiety includes the survival instinct which isn’t always positive, dependency, the desire to know why or for some people NOT to know why (burying their heads in the sand), and in this digitalised world everything is getting quicker, creating even more stress.

As a business, is it any clearer after the election, or are we just going to get on with it as it could be years before anything does get any clearer? Technology and other developments seem to make the pressures on business become more intense and many structures and roles will not exist in a matter of years, if not months.

As an individual in the business world you need to somehow get in front of the curve of change, get qualified, think digital but most importantly have an incredibly positive mindset and be flexible.

I would like to share “Leading in a VUCA World by Amanda Bouch which is very much reframing VUCA into something positive.

Vision and Values – what is your own individual plan of how and where do you want to get to, and how to get in front of your colleagues in a global business world?

Understanding – take the blinkers off, listen to all that is going on around you and work out your own individual plan of how to circumvent the difficult watch ahead.

Clarity – be concise and precise in putting your plan together and go full steam ahead to achieve your plans

Agility – What are your skills now, what do they need to be, where do you need to be to fulfil your own ambitions?

The above reframing and changing our own individual mindsets, will put you in a stronger place to achieve your own individual goals. As an accredited coach who has worked in the insurance world for decades, if I can help you put your own VUCA plan together, get in touch, 

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