Do you create Added Value for you and your clients?

In the eleven years, I have been a coach and mentor, together with many years of business experience, I have noticed that there are many patterns of behaviour from which we can learn, whether you are employed or a business owner

Do you effectively manage your time? – What are the tasks you need to do which create the most value? If managers and businesses focus on the important tasks they will naturally create greater success. Sounds obvious but how many of us fall into the following traps:

  • Too many meetings and too many LONG meetings!
  • Getting into incredibly long email chains with people covering their backs rather than getting the job done
  • Engaging in activities which do not create opportunities

Do you build a sustainable pipeline? – This works in sales and to develop leads for your own business and also for what comes next in your career or type of work

  • Do individuals have a career plan?
  • Do businesses have a workable business plan?
  • How many of us get sucked into the activity of the moment?
  • How many of us suffer from feast and famine?

Do you generate internal recognition? – Building your own profile as an individual or business as being reliable and trusted is as important, whether you are in the corporate world or in the local environment. Too many of us don’t focus on internal networking or follow up external networking.

Do you get paid what you are worth? – Whether you are an employee or a business, if you don’t ask you don’t get. So many businesses don’t charge what they are worth or don’t allow for the time they spend on a project and often lose, lose!

Coaching can help you in all of the above areas giving you time to consider.

Reflect – What has worked well for you and what can work better

Plan – Have a business, marketing or career plan to ensure you are rewarded for your efforts

Act – when you have ideas or action plans written down they go into your unconscious mind which works away at them. By having monthly or quarterly coaching sessions it ensures you are accountable for following your plans through and gaining greater success.

If you want to build your confidence or value proposition creating greater value for you and your customers and possibly create more time for your family too, get in touch with me, Neil Williams, on or visit my website

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