How having a business mentor or coach can support you to be even better than you are now

Whether I am called a mentor (somebody who has had business experience and can pass on knowledge) or a coach (accredited by the Association of Coaching) does not matter to me, I am there to support YOU build your business.

In the 11 years I have been a business coach/mentor there have been many reasons why my clients have wanted to use my services including:

  • To be able to build a simple plan so they can focus and achieve the results they want
  • To establish the priorities they need to achieve in order to ensure they have the outcomes they want
  • To be accountable and actually do the things they said they would do!
  • To have somebody they trust to act as a sounding board and come from a different perspective
  • To have somebody to challenge their thinking on such things as pricing where many clients are not confident enough to charge their true value to their customers.

I do a lot of networking and I must admit there are a lot of businesses who still do not employ a coach or mentor and are still very successful. But how much more successful could they be? Businesses doing the things they have always done is dangerous as change in the economy, technology and competition can have a major impact.

Once a company has a simple and workable business plan, a monthly or quarterly review with your coach or mentor may be enough to assist you work ON your business rather than your focus purely being working in the business. It might be that you only want to see your business coach or mentor on an ad hoc basis when you have problems or opportunities.

If you need a professional to help you stop and REFLECT, PLAN and ACT, get in touch with me or visit my website

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