Leadership Coaching does not need to be just for CEOs or be expensive!

In the 10 years, I have been supporting leaders with coaching, young leaders or team leaders have benefited as much, if not more than CEOs. It is a massive step up when somebody suddenly has their own work to do and support up to 5 or 6 additional people. How do I do my own work yet support other people too? I might have been working alongside these same people last week and now I am their line boss, how do I adjust? Do I deserve to be their new manager? What are they saying about me?

Leadership coaching at this level can help the new leaders with confidence, an external perspective, time management, delegation, and life/work balance. Also, with a combination of face to face and telephone or Skype coaching, it doesn’t need to cost a lot!

For the newly appointed manager, many issues can be the same and in addition budgeting, setting targets, organising teams of people and probably more complex issues arise. An enhanced style of emotional intelligence is required to get the decisions and results that the manager needs. The manager is less likely to have somebody to talk to as they are looking to impress the CEO and/ or Board. How do they increase their profile and make strides towards their next position? Coaching could be face to face or by telephone/Skype depending on the budget available and what the manager prefers.

At CEO or Director level the key question is whether the leader is coachable or do they want it? The Director involved may be in an isolated position and honest feedback from a coach may be very necessary. Greater pressures and accountability are put on CEOs and Directors these days. CEOs have a shorter shelf life so being open to new ways, being creative or decisive means that coaching from a challenging coach can be very effective. Working through complex dilemmas can also be supported by a coach. Greater self-awareness and the impact the that CEO is having on others can mean that the CEO does not fall into a “Maggie Thatcher syndrome” suffered by her in her last 4 years of office. This syndrome is when the Director stops listening to people and is probably too confident and ploughs on not realising the impact they are having. CEOs and directors require face to face coaching with sessions being closer to two hours meaning they will be more expensive but of true value in the long term.

So, whether it is a newly appointed team leader, a manager striving to get to the next level, or a Director who needs to be a step ahead of the competition, coaching can make a real difference. If you have anybody or know of anybody who could do with a boost or a better strategy, please get in touch with me neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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