ENGAGE – Are You and your People on Board?

As we approach the end of the year everything seems to be going faster and faster and most people are doing many things at the same time. Do we have time to stop and reflect or even talk to our people? With so little time available do you know everybody is on board for 2017? Are you on Board for 2017?

In October I was attracted to ENGAGE Accreditation Training (www.engagecoach.com) for my own learning and how I can use this in my business of coaching and supervision in 2017. What I liked about ENGAGE is that it explores the psychological mindset of the individual and how that influences change, readiness for change and subsequent success.

ENGAGE explores CONFIDENCE which breaks down into:

SELF Self-belief (values and levels of self-confidence) and self-awareness (internal states of mind and attitudes) and how they influence our behaviour.

TASKPersonal capability (motivation and resilience) and personal influence (influence and personal responsibility for outcomes) and the impact it has on completing the task.

SOCIALExternal awareness (self-consciousness) and how somebody responds to unfamiliar situations.

ENGAGE explores OPENNESS which breaks down into:

COMMUNICATION – Communication (style and open and honest) and interpersonal skills (friendly and approachable) which measure empathy and concern for others

CHANGEReceptiveness (being challenged and attitude to change) and adaptability (willingness to adapt) flexibility for change and new situations.

PROCESSAttitude (Person’s expectations and beliefs) measures levels of motivation to engage in the development process.

ENGAGE explores IMPACT which breaks down to

COMMITMENTEmotional commitment (sense of belonging and loyalty) and intention to stay (desire to remain) both of which impact on productivity, satisfaction and commitment at work.

PERFORMANCEVoluntary behaviour (desire to take on additional duties) productivity orientation (to strive, push boundaries and achieve goals) and performance (how do they see their actual performance?) measures effectiveness in achieving goals and targets.

My experience so far in both coaching and supervision is that the profile chart which shows all of these measures on one page, against inhibiters (what gets in the way), growth (how to develop further) and accelerators (they can be too high!) can be very powerful. You can see at a glance areas of significance. The low or high scores raise questions which are great for people to focus on and coaching supports their cause.

For any major change project whether it be individual transition or a major organisational change ENGAGE should be of real benefit as a measurement before and after the change. Likewise, for a coach, as ENGAGE measures your mindset this could be an essential benefit to your coachees knowing that you are of the right mindset.

ENGAGE gives you a chance to stop, think and assess what mindset you are in. Reflect, Plan, Act

If you want to benefit from an Engage report get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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