Will sales coaching help your company?

Sales coaching – making your sales culture and selling techniques work harder for you.

This programme is designed to develop particular sales skills that may already be known but need to be enhanced. It could be that there are gaps in specific areas of sales expertise; this could be with an individual or a team.  There could even be an issue that needs attention on a large case or client portfolio.

Working on a real situation, from a practical perspective, is enjoyable and rewarding for all parties. The success of this detailed coaching can be both developmental and profitable longer term.

What the programme involves.

We would work together to see how we can improve performance by focusing on the one or two areas which are not currently working to the optimum level. Depending on our discussions and agreed actions, some of this work may be better delivered by someone senior within the business to at least set the scene. It should be delivered on a top down basis. However, if it is established that an individual needs to enhance their skills, 1-2-1 coaching can often be the key to the success needed.

Who is this coaching for? Whether this is for generating new business sales, cross selling or retaining business, this coaching could be for a new sales person or an existing one you want to develop further, or possibly someone who isn’t performing to the level of their potential.

The importance of beliefs – this coaching can also look at the Beliefs/Behaviours/Results module which will demonstrate very powerfully how the individual’s beliefs will either enhance or hinder their individual sales performance irrespective of their role.

The development of sales skills could include depending where the gaps are;

  • Essential communication skills – asking ‘the right’ questions is essential in spotting opportunities and understanding the needs of clients and potential clients.
  • Building knowledge about the client, the company and the marketplace is essential.
  • Relationship building with both new and existing customers – keeping close to clients and building a breadth and depth of relationship is crucial in terms of client retention and building a wider level of support from each client. This section will look at the professional ways of achieving this, good listening skills, creating empathy and networking/referral approaches.
  • Presenting a proposal powerfully – being able to present information in a way that connects with the client is vital.
  • Handling objections – however good we are at closing clients will often have objections or at least queries that need to be overcome before they will agree to our proposals.
  • Closing/gaining commitment – this is often the most psychologically demanding area of the sales process and often the area that causes most anxiety for sales people and non-sales people alike.
  • Creating an interest for your services in the client – once you get to the point of engaging the client you have to be able to gain and retain their interest quickly so that they are prepared to listen to you for longer.
  • Customer relationship management – building a breadth and depth of relationship to retain your existing client business makes you less vulnerable to attack from your competitors and also enables you to broaden the products and services that they buy from you.
  • Prospecting plans and strategies – whilst retaining existing clients is essential that with increased competition comes the need for more new business and for that we will cover the process for doing this.   

Outcomes from the coaching

At all levels within the organisation, this coaching is purely focused on the challenges that face sales staff and will;

  • Enhance the company sales culture by refining the selling skills to help you stand out from your competitors
  • Improve your sales skills with individuals or teams
  • Empower sales staff to have more confidence in their selling techniques
  • Help broaden and build your network of clients
  • Enable good planning including a focus on the thought process and decisions making before contacting the client
  • Be able to make it a routine to take stock,  reflect and analyse how well your client relationships are developing
  • Use negotiating skills to arrive at a win-win outcome
  • Enable the building of strong relationships internally, with a sales team or individual and externally with a client/customer

What are the areas which are causing your company problems?

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