Why are values so important? (Or Great Spotted Woodpecker on my Nuts!)

What does it tell you when you get excited about seeing a great spotted woodpecker on your RSPB supposedly squirrel proof birdfeeder! Is it because I have got to that ripe old age when one wonders about nature and what it is all about?

Does it go back to the time my Dad said (at a similar age to me now) when my friends visited “and the tits have flown!” Seeing the birds in the garden was very special to my parents.

What are woodpeckers and blue tits to do with values?

In the last month I keep coming across values. A coach that trains value coaching, an IFA who promotes values financial planning. Many businesses which want to ”add value” although this has a different meaning from the word value.

I have coached hundreds of people in the last 9 years yet I can’t remember anybody saying they know what their values were when I asked them the question. What is a value I hear you ask? My interpretation is something that is really important to you. Something that is embedded in your personality and how you think. Values have probably come from your childhood and there are normally 4/5 values per person. Sometimes a value can be the opposite of a behaviour you don’t like in other people!

My values are honesty, contribution, hardwork, authenticity and family. The values coach didn’t like family, it has to be more deep seated than that so I have now adapted this to pride or being proud. I am still working on this. Does it matter what your values are?

Yes, I think it does. If a person close to you or the company you work for has different values from yours, this could cause you a lot of angst! When I was an MD a few years ago and the new PLC cut across my values, particularly honesty and authenticity, and attempted to attack my company and people, this made me extremely uncomfortable. Do you know what your values are?

So, what has this to do with woodpeckers, blue tits and birdfeeders you might ask? Looking after birds is deep seated going back to my child hood. It is important to me. What is deep seated and important to you?

If you want any help in teasing out what your values are, or what is really important to you, get in touch with neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk or visit my website www.nvwsolutions.co.uk

PS I have just seen the same woodpecker feeding its young one (It had red tuft on its head) two yards away – definitely a Meaningful Moment

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