Change and transition and how do we react?

I am now in my first month of transition to focusing purely on NVW Solutions (plus one or two NED positions) after 9 happy years of a portfolio career when I was guaranteed a salary for 3 days a week plus holiday pay etc. As a coach I like to think I have been through most of my coachees’ experiences, so how do I feel now?

Honestly, a bit excited but also a bit nervous. How will I adapt to a 4 day week instead of 5+ days?

Sounds easy, which day shall I have off? What shall I do? How do I stop drifting into working every day?

How much will I miss the office environment of communication and a bit of banter?

Will a number of partnerships and networking events make up for this?

How will I be, working on my own!

My niches are:

Executive Coaching – I sat on many Board Meetings (I still do as a NED) and held a number of General Management and Sales Management positions so as an accredited coach I can speak from experience as well as asking what might appear stupid questions to establish what is really going on with my Executive coachee.

Middle Management Coaching – I really love coaching people who want to learn and grow. Themes often follow a pattern such as time management including insufficient delegation and a lack of confidence which they can never admit to their boss. It is fantastic to see managers grow in such a short period of time.

Business Coaching – As a Growth Accelerator Coach I can support the business owner with simple business plans and sales/marketing plans which really make a difference to their businesses and their lives. So many people in businesses don’t plan and therefore their lives are impinged upon, when often their idea of having their own business was to have a better life!

Career Coaching – Another challenge I really enjoy. When individuals arrive at my door as either a graduate or a fifty year old with not a clue of what they want their future career to be. I was made redundant 3 times in 10 years so I know what it can feel like too. My 6 month packages are made affordable including Prism Profiling see which is so insightful.

Coaching Supervision – I won’t even start on this one; it is even more difficult to explain than coaching and this is to coaches themselves!

So where am I now? I have my products just about sorted out. I am revamping my website in June. I have a sensible pricing policy.

What do I need to do next? I am going to a coach whom I rate very highly. I am looking for that different perspective to ensure I have not missed anything from a business point of view. Most importantly I want to enjoy myself on my days off. I wonder what I am going to do!

If you know anybody who could do with some coaching support in any of the areas mentioned above, please get in touch with or have a look at my website at

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