Customer Feedback is so important

Earlier this month I was at a coaches meeting and we were talking about people’s values (do you know what your values are?) and how any business values what they do and how do they know they have done a good job. After every coaching programme I ask for feedback so hopefully the next time I coach somebody I will do an even better job.

So I thought I would take a random 6 feedback forms so I could see if there is a pattern of responses from which I can learn and then I thought why not share some of the feedback with you.

How would you describe me as your coach?

Clear and concise. Easy to get across concerns and a good understanding of this company and being able to link items together really helped.

Supportive, trustworthy, helpful, considerate, and thought provoking. There to help, even when not scheduled to be. A pleasant ally and a good listener!

What was the coaching experience like for you?

For me coaching was like stepping outside a challenging environment because you encourage a positive attitude and make it easier to see situations more clearly in a shared way and one is better empowered and equipped to work towards objectives.

For me coaching was like a general discussion where thought processes were discussed out loud, it never felt like a formal training environment where things can be a little manufactured – it felt natural but with a positive outcome both emotionally and in knowledge gained.

For me coaching was like a breath of fresh air because someone for once was taking notice of me my thoughts and my ideas and giving me the confidence to take them further. 

For me coaching was like discussing my life with a friend with no agenda other than to help – you would always approach it in a way that made me feel you really wanted to help, and in my case, perhaps more than average, as I didn’t respond as well to your ‘treatment’ as you would normally expect, maybe? There were times when you would contact me out of the blue, as something you were reading seemed pertinent to my situation, or just me, which showed you were thinking about my predicament and how you might help me through – nice to be thought about in that way, as it’s rare to feel that, even within one’s own family and friends.

As your coach, what did I do, specifically that helped you?

You were always full of new ideas or suggestions, you tackled my work issues full on giving me the confidence to suggest or make comment on things I may never have done previously. Having someone to listen helped me immensely, whether it was discussing new ideas that I wanted to pitch to the operational executive or reviewing reports or papers, it was good to have someone to look at them in a manner that wasn’t condescending or disheartening.  

What 3 words would sum me up as your coach?

  • Trustworthy, Calm,Experienced          
  • Attentive, Encouraging, Experienced (used real life examples to illustrate a point)
  • Probing, Mindful, Good communicator 
  • Keen, Helpful, Knowledgeable
  • Supportive, Trustworthy, Objective
  • Friendly, Experienced, Respect

The impact this exercise has had on me

I always look at my feedback forms individually and so to spend a bit of time looking at the themes as a whole has made me feel very grateful for the opportunity to be a coach. I really get a kick out of seeing other people do well and achieve what they want to. So what are my values –  family, authenticity, contribution, hard work and honesty. So yes I am very pleased with the feedback I have gained but that doesn’t mean I can’t do an even better job the next time I coach somebody.

How could coaching help you or one of your colleagues or a family member?

Coaching isn’t rocket science but an incredible amount of training helps make people a good coach. If you know anybody who is stuck or has lost their way or wants to move forward quicker, coaching really can help. One of the exercises we undertake is knowing what your values are. So many people don’t consider what is really important to them. It really helps to know what your values are so you can  build them into your life and business. Or may be you are working for a company which don’t share your values!

From May, I will be focusing purely on my coaching and supervision business so I will have more capacity to support people who want to make changes in their lives. So please pass on my Meaningful Moments to anybody you think I might be able to support. Isn’t it great to have a job you love!

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