Ten Top Tips for Working from Home on a full time basis

As a coach, who has been working on a portfolio basis working from home 2 days a week I should not have any concerns about working from home 5 days a week from May. There is a little niggle in the back of my mind (as we all have on occasions ) so I thought I should plan for my change in life style. As part of my planning I  asked 2 esteemed coaches in different parts of the UK who have been working from home for years. Interestingly their feedback was very similar so I am going to merge their tips together.

  1. Find a place in the home which can be a proper working environment (Although I have an office in the basement it needs a proper spring clean and sort out)
  2. Be disciplined. If you are working that day, stick to normal working hours. (My danger, being a driven person is that I will spend too much time down in my  office otherwise known as my dungeon!)
  3. Make sure you get out of the house in the morning or at lunchtime for fresh air. (This is an easy one for me with having Jenny, our Cavalier King Charles to walk)
  4. Network for social reasons even if it doesn’t get you a lot of business (You never know where business comes from sometimes and if you sit at home all day you have no chance of picking up business)
  5. Mingle with people occasionally in a coffee bar or have a snifter at the pub (Only one coffee or one beer!)
  6. Be proactive at least once a day look for an opportunity. (I will naturally do this as I know there has to be a lot of sales/marketing activity to get a result)
  7. Be flexible. (Surely this goes against number 2!) Not really if you have had a storming day or the sun is shining and you deserve a break, take it. (I have adjusted to this over the last 9 years so I should be OK on this one)
  8. Personal development. Each year take on something which is going to develop you as a person or which will improve your business, never stand still (This is a natural for a coach where we spend a fortune on continuing professional development or CPD)
  9. 1 day a month concentrate on administration (I mustn’t leave my expenses to build over 6 months!)
  10. I day a month, focus on marketing. (Yes I will manage this one most days and to have 1 day focusing on marketing in case you are run off your feet doing business is a really good idea)

Didn’t my two coaches off the cuff do well in a half an hours Skype call? Another example of how seeing a coach can make a real difference.

I am going to revisit these Top Tips in 6 month’s time to see how well I have done.

As I am going to have more time to focus on coaching from May please get in touch even if it is just for a coffee to start off with. (07970 225058) or email me at neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk

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