What is Coaching all about?

After each coaching programme I ask for feedback from the coachee so I can keep improving my coachee. I think this feedback explains what coaching is all about, does it do it for you?

What did you want to get out of coaching?

To be honest at first I wasn’t sure, which is perhaps why the original objectives set at the first meeting were a bit lame!

My line manager’s style is very different to her predecessor and this has taken some getting used to. It is encouraging that she wants to invest in her staff and the suggestion of coaching came from my line manager as a way for me to identify my own strengths and weaknesses and to better understand my future career path.

Once I got to grips with the concept of coaching, I used the sessions to better understand myself and to explore my career ambition.    

Did you achieve it?

Yes – the Prism profiling (see www.prismbrainmapping.com) certainly gave me things to think about and the coaching sessions gave me an opportunity to reflect on how I approach my role, where improvements can be made, in my work-life balance and future career progression.  

What benefits have you gained from coaching? 

  • More confidence in my own ability, skills and strengths
  • Clearer understanding of what I want to achieve in my career.

How would you describe the process of coaching to someone who hasn’t experienced it?

 It’s not an easy ride, prepare to be challenged. You have to be willing to go on a journey, to truthfully critique yourself and be honest with a stranger.

How would you describe me as your coach? 

You created a very safe environment which is important to gain that all important trust. I was sceptical at first but ended up really looking forward to the sessions.

As your coach, what did I do, specifically that helped you?

You helped me to prepare and work through some difficult situations. Our discussions on how I should prepare and aim for working at a higher managerial level I really valued your opinion.

What 3 words would sum me up as your coach?

  • Supportive
  • Kind
  • Encouraging.

For me coaching was like a road map; I knew where I wanted to be but wasn’t sure how to get there and coaching showed me the way!

So if you want to understand more about coaching or have a chat over a coffee to see if coaching will work for you please contact Neil Williams at neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk. 

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