Is working past 60 a good thing?

I can recall my Grandad at my age being a very old man indeed, mainly sitting in the kitchen in his suit, waistcoat and of course his grand pocket watch. Can you recall your relatives when they were in their 60’s, 50 years ago?

Many people can afford and want to retire at 60, and have plenty of hobbies to pursue. So why shouldn’t they enjoy themselves after 40+ years of working? On the other hand, many people need to keep on working, or just enjoy it (I am a bit of both!). Many people I coach have to reinvent themselves in their 50s, knowing they still need to work well into their 60s. Here are a few tips if this happens to you:

  1. Grey hair can count if you have the right experience and knowledge to pass onto people, as long as you are credible, have something real to offer, and are willing to put yourself out there!
  2. Present yourself and what you offer really well, as there are plenty of other grey-haired, knowledgeable people competing and contacting your prospective clients.
  3. Always have a positive attitude and continue to look forward, not backwards. (“In my day we did this” …doesn’t go down well!) Always have a project in mind.
  4. What do you enjoy doing? What are your strengths? Try and maximise these in whatever you try to do (ideally you will have done this throughout your working life!).
  5. You might not quite have the stamina you once had but if you think flexibly and pace yourself, you can achieve great results.
  6. Continue to learn, build your CPD, and develop yourself. (This is what I like about coaching and supervision of coaches; you never get to the end of learning, there is always more to learn).
  7. Network; use social media, build yourself a website, build a marketing plan that you keep to. Business comes from a variety of places.
  8. Probably the most important ingredient is to keep fit and also find time to relax. Find the life/work balance that works for you at your time of life.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Please share them with your friends or colleagues who may be at this stage of life.

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