Life is like coffee…

I seem to have themes to do with eating and enjoying oneself! Last year I had “Life is like a box of Chocolates” and now it is coffee.

You will see what brought this line of thinking into mind when you reach the cup of coffee lower in the script. I know we receive a lot of these life messages by email, many of which can be naff, but this one struck a chord for me.

Work can dominate one’s life. In years gone by I travelled the UK working incredibly long hours in order to ensure my family had the best of most things. To be fair, I enjoyed most of it and did not believe it was a great sacrifice, with saying that I have been divorced once!

In my 8 years coaching, the theme that runs through many of my coaching programmes is lack of balance and time management, which can always be vastly improved.

What are our priorities?
Why are we working in the first place?

So does “Life is like coffee” bring about any thoughts for you?

Click on the coffee cup below to watch the clip “Life is like Coffee”. Even if you don’t drink it, watch the video.

Life is like coffee








If the above video clip makes you want to explore some matters with an accredited coach get in touch with

If not, as it is more the musings of somebody in later working life, enjoy yourself to the full at both work and home.

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