Employee Engagement (The Macleod Report 2008/9)

Distilled summary by Fe Robinson, Buddleja Transformations Ltd 

Whatever your company size employee engagement is important. I personally don’t like the term really because I automatically assume that employers will look after their most important resource; unfortunately this is not always the case 

Definition of Employee Engagement

A set of positive attitudes and behaviours enabling high job performance of a kind which are in tune with the organisation’s mission

What would your definition of employee engagement be?

Why is Employee Engagement so important?

  • Higher profits
  • Higher earnings per share growth
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Higher customer advocacy
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower stock loss
  • Lower accidents
  • More innovation

Why is this? Probably because the employees care!

Summary of factors influencing Employee Engagement

1. Senior Management having a sincere interest in the well being of employees.

2. Senior Management providing a clear narrative about what the purpose of an organisation is, why it has the broad vision it has, and how an individual contributes to that purpose. Employees have a clear line of sight between their job and the narrative, and understand where their work fits in.

3. Engage managers who offer clarity, appreciation, positive feedback, and coaching. They facilitate and empower rather than being controlling and restricting. They show commitment to developing, increasing and rewarding the capability of those they manage.

“People join organisations but they leave managers”

4. Employees’ views are sought out; they are listened to and see their opinions count and make a difference. They speak out and challenge when appropriate. A strong sense of listening and of responsiveness permeates the organisation, enabling effective communication.

5. Behaviour throughout the organisation is consistent with stated values leading to trust and a sense of integrity

Whatever your company size, how are you doing against this criteria?

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