Selling what you do?!

Ever since I started my portfolio career 7 years ago I have had difficulty selling my own coaching. I am a big networker so I have got the hang of letting the other person talk about their business first to see if there is anything I can match with one of my offerings but I have had quite a scattered approach to this. Too often when asked “what do you do?” I say “I am a coach and mentor”. It doesn’t really do the job does it?  What do you say and what does it actually mean to the other person?

Can you apply this simple formula to what you sell?

I work with people like you who run their own businesses.

The problems they tell themselves they have are:

  • No time to think or plan
  • Too busy and not enough income
  • Clients get in the way!

How I work with them is choose a time to suit them and focus on the issue and:

  • We find a quiet place to talk
  • I ask questions
  • I give them time to think
  • I act as a mirror and reflect what they say
  • Action points arise out of the meeting
  • Then they go away and do what they have said they are going to do


The results this gets are:

  • A proper plan and execution
  • Greater income
  • More profit
  • More time with their family
  • They enjoy their work/life again

When I covered this at the Net (see ) recently I thought it would probably only apply to me.  Then I thought “what does a copywriter/osteopath/electrician/designer/marketer/accountant mean to their prospective client”? If the client actually knows what it means, what do you offer which is different to your competition, for your prospective customer. Why are they going to buy from you?

I hope this gives you food for thought and if you want to practice this new technique or gain some of the results above, contact me on or see my website

Are you going to try and promote your business differently at networking functions? I am!!!!

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