How can the massive strides in neuroscience benefit you?

As an accredited coach I have now used Prism Profiling for 7 years (see as one of the foundation stones at the beginning of each of my coaching programmes. 

Why is it so good?

It only takes 25 minutes of undivided attention by the coachee to complete the questionnaire on line and I receive a 45 page report shortly after completion.

I normally send the report to the coachee a couple of days before the coaching session so the coachee can get an idea of what it is all about. I then focus on the Prism Brainmapping diagram (I like pictures and colours!) which shows what the person is like at home (whether they are stressed or relaxed) and how this compares with what they are like at work (often there can be quite a difference)

We then explore the strengths and the differences between work and home. 99% of  people accept the findings of the report, although occasionally something does not quite add up which is a great thing to explore as they go through the coaching programme. Greater clarity on such matters can make a big difference in the results gained from coaching.

Greater self awareness can be a wonderful insight for people such as:

  • The caring person who always says yes to people and puts themselves last (blue)
  • The meticulous person who can do it better than anybody else and then has a problem delegating (gold)
  • The driven person who just wants to get a result and doesn’t care too much how this can be achieved (red)
  • The person who has lots of ideas but doesn’t necessarily follow them through (green)

The reports are never as simple as this and I have never had two reports the same as there are eight different categories including innovating and initiating (green) supporting and coordinating (blue) focusing and delivering (red) and finishing and evaluating (gold).

Once people are more aware of their behavioural strengths then they start to consider how other people tick; whether it is their boss, client or spouse! So often a coach is taken on by a Director to support one of their managers when the biggest issue is that they have a gap in communicating; they are not on the same wave length. By the coachee communicating differently with their boss, massive strides can be made.

So why massive strides in neuroscience?

The reports just get better and better. They are now 45 pages instead of the 27 pages 3 years ago, with in-depth analysis on emotional intelligence and resilience. If you have not had this type of profiling before, I can include the report and one hours coaching on the telephone/Skype or face to face on the back of the profile, for only £100. Why would I do this so cheaply when I am already busy? Because one of my values is contribution and I want to contribute to your future success. Contact me at or visit my website where there is a link to Prism.
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