Life is like a box of chocolates or is it a bunch of keys?

I have always shied away from the title “Life Coach” because I have never wanted to come across as one of those “tree hugging” people who seem to be on a different planet from me. I prefer the practical approach with real results arising from my coaching. I am fully aware it is up to the coachee to put in all of the effort and do all of the work! So why the unusual title?

You will all remember the film Forrest Gump where Tom Hanks utters the famous line “Life is like a box of chocolates” . Well mine is about a bunch of keys! I have been carrying around the same bunch of keys for over 10 years; quite a sizeable bunch and one which was always a bit heavy and too bulky in my suit jacket pocket. For those 10 years I still carried them around with me. So what made me change? One of my  daughters for Father’s Day, gave me a key ring saying “Dad’s Taxi Company” which I wanted to use yet this would have made the bunch totally unwieldy; so I did something about it. I stripped down the bunch, taking off those keys which I can’t remember what are for and the ones I only need for holiday cases and the like. I now walk around with a small bunch of keys which aren’t getting in the way and don’t cause me hassle.

So what is this to do with life and life coaching? Many people walk around with a lot of baggage and are weighed down by previous events and history which they haven’t cleared up within their own heads or sub conscious minds. When I do career coaching there is normally a real need. People are either looking for another job or are unhappy in their present career. As far as business coaching or mentoring is concerned, so many owners leave it until the desperation stage and keep doing the things they have always done and naturally get the results they have always got! The difference with business is that the environment is always changing and different strategies are needed. A healthcheck or MOT can make an enormous difference for businesses. This could be a monthly, quarterly or even annual exercise. 

Life Coaching is probably more of what I should be doing, as so much of this relates to confidence building, building relationships and a greater sense of self awareness. There are other choices in relation to life coaching;Caroline Hart is excellent and will be more suited to some situations than I am. Who will suit you best to take a bit of the weight off your shoulders?

So, if you want your life to be like a box of chocolates (suits me as I am a chocoholic!) or reduce the weight you are carrying around with you, get in touch with or see my website If I am not the right person then I will know somebody who is.


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