Do you ask for referrals and do you have a referral for me?

I have always been involved with sales and I know a referral is always the best sort of lead as the prospect is only looking for confirmation of the endorsement rather than being sold to. For the last 7 years I have been an accredited coach and supervisor of coaches yet I still have difficulty selling myself as a coach. Why? – because it is not congruent. Coaching is at the opposite end of the spectrum to selling. How do you feel about selling your own skills and business?

So why have I focussed on referrals this month in Meaningful Moments? Business is going well but I realised that possibly, like you, I don’t ask for referrals enough. If you know me, hopefully you know I am a safe pair of hands, If you have been coached by me, hopefully you will have noticed a beneficial change in your behaviour and outcomes. If your answer experience has been positive then please consider me for referrals.

What am I looking for? Anyone who is thinking of changing their career or who has been made redundant and needs an ear to guide them on their path to a job which is going to make them happy. 

Any business person who wants somebody to talk to and help them focus on the things that really matter to ensure their business is more successful. What type of referrals are you looking for?

Similar to you I do get enquiries from my website, partners and networking but far and the best opportunities come from referrals. By the way, I coach face to face, by telephone and Skype, so distance is not a problem! When I coach or mentor I always recommend to my clients that referrals are best and that they should ask for them. So don’t be shy about asking for referrals or saying that somebody should have a coach or mentor – everybody should have one! How are you going to change your approach after reading this newsletter?

If you need help in changing your approach to obtaining referrals or any other any coaching or mentoring support please get in touch with me at , visit my website or give me a call on 07970 225058.

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