Get that Job with NLP or get that piece of business!

I think “Get that Job with NLP” is the next best thing to having your own coach. People that are self motivated and action minded will be able to pick up this book, do the exercises and be well prepared to find the role they really want going forward. As a career coach I think this book will also work alongside my own coaching with some of the exercises being homework to help the client achieve their goals over as short a time as possible.

The book simplifies both NLP and Clean Language in a practical way so the reader doesn’t have to get hung up on words or definitions. There are many ideas which will work for somebody setting up a new business or a business owner who wants to look at his business in a different way.

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP (hopefully people don’t notice!) which is essentially the study of how humans think, feel and behave to achieve the best results they can. It is done by modelling and replicating useful and forward thinking strategies and behaviours

N = Neuro – how you use your senses to experience what is going on around you, including your physiology, your feelings, your actions and your patterns of speech

L = Linguistic – the use of specific language to communicate with self and others

P = Programming – the use of the brain to plan and achieve results and the impact you have on yourself and on others.

Things often happen as we think or believe they will. Henry Ford, inventor of Ford motor cars, said “if you think you can do it, or you think you can’t do it, you are probably right!

After reading this book it has given me some extra ideas as a coach to build some further alternatives into my own coaching. Going forward anybody who comes to me and for some reason cannot afford my services (very unlikely!) I will point them in the direction of this book. For anybody who signs up with me I am going to give them a free copy too.

The structure of the book works well too, so the job hunter can focus on the section that matters to them at the right time. The exercises are excellent put together in a very natural way not using NLP language which can be off putting to some.

The case studies are real and readers will be able to relate to them very easily. This book focuses on solutions and success and as the reader goes through the chapters I can see their confidence building as they go through the different states of getting a job.

So if you know anybody who is looking for a job or an existing business owner who is looking for a different perspective please point them in the direction of this book and me if at all possible, or go to to buy the book by my friend and esteemed colleague Jackie Arnold

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