Coaching/Mentoring – What do I have to offer?

Coaching in my view is an intelligent conversation where the coach does most of the listening and is incredibly focused on the coachee with a totally unbiased view.

Mentoring is normally passing on information from a more experienced person to another.

I have very much a coaching style whether I am coaching or mentoring and I am always very focused on supporting the coachee to achieve their objectives. I have also been doing this now for 6 years now and I am an accredited coach (AC) and an accredited supervisor of coaches (CSA).

So what do I offer?

  • One off sessions when you need them, particularly useful for business owners to check in with their overall progress
  • 6 session programmes including 40 page Prism Brainmapping Reports (see ideal for individuals and business owners who are going through real change
  • One off sessions using Prism Brainmapping so individuals can understand themselves better and also how to communicate differently to employees, family and customers alike
  • Dummy interview or presentation sessions to ensure you get it right on the day
  • Face to face sessions in Tunbridge Wells and the South East this is very useful to build rapport initially
  • Telephone/Skype for anybody anywhere which is very time effective and tends to get results quicker owing to being very focused with less of the niceties
  • Ashdown Forest Walks to walk outside side by side in the fresh air brings another perspective and unexpected results
  • Supervision for coaches using any of the methods described above

How would you like to be coached or mentored?

I can be as flexible as you need me to be as long as we achieve the objectives you desire.

As long as it is not relationship coaching please pass on my details and to any individuals or companies that would benefit from my various ways of coaching and mentoring
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