Where do you start to explain what coaching is?


Where do you start to explain what coaching is all about to people who have not experienced coaching before?

I have been to many networking events and unless people have had direct experience it has always been quite difficult to get the message of coaching across. So what is needed for somebody to get involved with coaching?

  • There needs to be an issue to be addressed or a goal that you want to strive for
  • You must want to be coached
  • The coachee needs to have trust in the coach
  • There needs to be rapport between the coachee and the coach 

To establish the above it is good to have a coffee with your prospective coach and establish whether he or she has the credentials that you are looking for and that you feel comfortable with the proposed coach

Once you have agreed that you wish to be coached then we would have an intake session. 

As part of a 2 hour intake session I would normally cover the following aspects:

  • The contract – how we are going to work together
  • Life Balance Wheel – what is important in your life and what needs to get better
  • Work Balance Wheel – see the video!
  • Values – what is really important to you
  • Unique Abilities – what you are really good at doing
  • Prism Report – see www.prismbrainmapping.com a 40 page report on your behavioural strengths plus emotional intelligence and resilience

I want to focus on the Work Wheel and I hope the demonstration shows:

  • That I am a good listener – coaching means there is total focus on you
  • That coaching is just like having a conversation and is quite relaxed
  • That the process brings out what is important to you to work on and is your agenda not mine
  • That a coaching programme over 6 months is likely to get results – it is your hands!
I hope this video shows that coaching can be a pleasant experience and most importantly can help improve your life.

Please forward this newsletter on to anybody who you believe can benefit from coaching

Much of the coaching I do is actually on the telephone or Skype so location is not an issue 

Thank you for reading and watching this video.

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