Olympics and Life

How did you find the Olympics; frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting or just basic good fun?
Life can be a little like this!

I had to do my annual accounts on Thursday 2nd August; a task I find the most boring and tedious I have to do in a year. This year I had my laptop in the kitchen and kept in touch with the Olympics at the same time. Looking back on the day it was one of my most enjoyable because I was in the right frame of mind because of various victories and events which took place at the Olympics.

Seeing the wide range of sports has been intriguing and probably reflects the range of opportunities out there whether it is work or play. Gemma Gibbons, the judo wrestler’s performance illustrated so much for me. She was very much an outsider and her dishevelled appearance made her look as if she was well beaten but she never gave up; her perseverance and inner strength brought her to the final and a silver medal. Gemma lost her Mum at age 17 and took the opportunity to thank her for all her support.

As far as life and careers are concerned appearance, does count for a lot but suffering rejection and learning from the experience is a vital part of finding the right path for us as individuals. Most competitors face regular defeats but are so positive immediately afterwards and wake up the next day and start again. Isn’t that our way forward – learn from our experiences, have a positive frame of mind and have another go?

Victoria Pendleton is at her last Olympics and was relegated with her partner owing to half a wheel’s breadth and lost out on a certain silver or gold. The next day she cycled to victory to earn the gold she truly deserved. Her partner, Jessica Varnish, although young enough, has to wait 4 years for another opportunity owing to them getting the handover wrong by less than half a wheel.

Competing in front of such fantastic fans has its own pressures but has made a positive difference for so many competitors. They have had to focus and get in their own zone without letting nerves get in the way. There are similar comparisons with going for an interview for the first time or for the first time for years or having to do a presentation to a group of people.

Visualisation has been mentioned many times by the competitors. How can you use visualisation to get what you want?

I found that what could have been my most frustrating day of the year turned out to be one of my most exhilarating, due entirely to the magnificent performances and camaraderie of the competitors or was it because of my own frame of mind? We went on to even greater successes with even Andy Murray winning gold but the football carried on old habits losing on penalties!

The Olympics was brilliant and so can life be generally though perhaps with not quite so many highs! Each of those Gold Medal winners had their own story of highs and lows. Generally it is their positive frame of mind and amazing resilience that makes them so successful.

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