Get away from it and REFLECT!

I have just returned from the enriching experience of walking 50 odd miles of the Pennine Way with a group of ageing chaps (some reminders of Last of the Summer Wine) where we indulged in much walking, conversation, whisky (not me, I can’t stand the stuff!) beer and gin drinking, a variety of very pleasant meals and some excellent wine. If you have not visited the Yorkshire Dales, Skipton is delightful and the surrounding countryside is very English, with a varied scenery.

Although we were very active and I did not have chance to open my brief case (which was full of reading material) whilst walking, it does give you time to stop and reflect on what is happening in your life; what is going well and what can you do differently. Getting drenched on moorland on one of the days helped me walk quicker to get to our destination (the Old Silent Inn who were very welcoming to 10 dripping wet walkers) but at the same slowed my thinking down dramatically.

So how do you stop and reflect and establish where you are going right or where something needs to change?

From my perspective my portfolio career over the last 6 years has gone really well; not particularly from a remuneration perspective but certainly from a balance of life.  I am generally doing what I like, which is developing business and also helping to develop people. My frustration is that although I do a fair amount of marketing in one form or another, not enough people know I exist or what career coaching, business mentoring or supervision of coaching can do for people. It can and does make a real difference if people are up for it.

  • So, if you hear the following words redundancy, interview, presentation, retirement, unhappy in their career, or want a change – please pass on my details.
  • Or if you see somebody is stuck, lacking in confidence, life is out of balance, don’t have time to do what they want to do – please pass on my details.
  • Or if you feel somebody is unhappy, worried, not their normal self, or is not giving themselves time to reflect – please pass on my details.

A referral from you could make the world of difference. After my employer had gone bust and I became MD of an insurance broker living away from home 10 years ago, I needed a coach desperately but didn’t know they existed then. Somebody who is totally detached, somebody who listens and gives their totally undivided attention in total confidence would have benefitted me enormously. 5 years later, after I was unfairly sacked, because I was going through my coaching training I was hardly dented as I was being coached myself and I did not respect my senior management who had totally different values to me.

So, if you want to get away and reflect, either get your walking boots out or something similar, or you could get a coach or mentor. If I can help, please get in touch with me.
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