The Recipe to make a Best Company

I have eventually made the time to look through all of the Sunday Times article of the 4th March on the “easy to follow recipe to make a Best Company” by Nick Rodrigues.

There is no single formula to guarantee a Best Company – but there are some common ingredients shared by all the organisations with the most engaged workforces.

The top ten statements which seem to have the biggest impact on employees are as follows;-

  1. Having confidence in the leadership skills of your manager
  2. Staff believing they have a positive future ahead of them – vital in the current economic conditions
  3. Having senior managers who listen rather than just tell people what to do – when workers don’t feel their voice is being heard at the top they rapidly disengage from the business
  4. Not letting the employees feel that the business takes advantage of them
  5. Having faith in the leader of the company/being inspired by them
  6. Having senior managers who truly live the company values – managers walking the walk as well as talking the talk.
  7. Managers who support their team members and help them fulfil their potential
  8. Having middle manager role models who care how satisfied team members are in their jobs.
  9. Treating everyone fairly
  10. Loving to work for the organisation/not wanting to leave for another job tomorrow – it stands to reason that your staff must love what they do.

There is no rocket science here whether you are a small company or growing to be a large company.

Time is always precious; do we spend enough time talking to our employees?
Do they know what the company is aiming for?
Do they know what the company’s values are?
Are they kept regularly updated on how the company is doing?

We all get wrapped up in the business is there anything you can be doing differently?

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