Coaching could do this for you!

It is rare that a coach has the opportunity to broadcast the impact of coaching as the whole process is confidential. On this occasion though, my coachee Imogen wants to shout it from the rooftops as she has raised a whopping £31,500 towards her target of £50,000 to build a new school in Uganda.

After a couple of restless years, Imogen made the positive step and came to me for some career and life coaching. She was ‘looking for something with purpose’ which she wasn’t getting through her daily job. After working together she started to see what would fulfil her potential and passion, and that for her it didn’t necessarily mean changing her job. She has just returned from an adventure of a life time on behalf of Build Africa. She cycled 1000km across Uganda, across the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ ending her self-funded trip at the Build Africa School she is fundraising to build.

Imogen says:

When you are on the right path and you find your passion it’s amazing how much energy you have and how much you can achieve. I was so driven for the goal of raising £50,000 to build Kooki Primary School’s classrooms and train its teachers I didn’t mind the hard work and I had so much fun. There were so many positive spin offs too… learning about PR, graphic design and social media. As well as meeting so many people as I networked and arranged local events, I can even face paint and tweet now (I have 850+ followers to date!).

When the fundraising total passed £31,500 1 week ago I was speechless! I’ve surprised myself and realise now that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if Neil hadn’t given me the tools and guidance to think through what I was looking for and set a path towards it.

The day I arrived at Kooki Primary School after the 1,000km cycle across the mountains of Uganda I will never forget. It was very humbling as I stood in front of the new sturdy school building, filled with new equipment, and we were surrounded by 300 smiling children, parents, governors, teachers and local dignities, all singing and dancing. They were all so happy to have a new school and chance to help themselves to a better future. I was moved to tears. It had all been worth it. Our fundraising will continue as more needs to be done but it’s great as it’s something solid and tangible for the future and it’s all down to coaching!

Please have a look at her website If there is any way you can support Imogen please do so and forward the attached on to any of your contacts.

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