Making that interview or presentation count!

In these very difficult economic times, many people are having interviews or making presentations for the first time, or for the first time in many years. Opportunities are hard to come by so it is vital the people make the most of the chance and are as prepared as possible. If you know anybody in this situation please pass on this article which covers steps to take to help improve the chances of success in the following situations;-

  • Interview for university, internship or first job
  • First job interview for years
  • Presentation for graduate intake or senior executive jobs
  • Presentation for a sales opportunity
  • Presentation to a Board

We will spend 3 hours going through the fine detail to ensure you are well placed to deal with anything that might happen “out of the blue” in such situations.

1st Hour

You will arrive at as if you are going to have the interview/make the presentation with me acting as the prospective interviewer or delegate for the presentation

2nd Hour

Evaluate your behaviours using Prism Brain Mapping (see ) identifying strengths, emotional intelligence and resilience at the same time trying to guesstimate the likely behaviours of your interviewer or audience.

Establish your values and compare those of the organisation which you are pitching to

Learn from previous experiences and build on these

3rd Hour

Debrief on dummy interview/presentation and establish what went well and what could have gone better.

Go through step by step on content, style of delivery and what to present differently to make a mark. This will include all aspects, auditory, visual and overall impression

Build confidence to ensure the real interview and/or presentation goes the best it possibly can

Presentations only

An additional hour the day before the presentation

A final run through taking into account all of the tips on making an impact, using visual aids and pacing the presentation and the style to suit the audience

Nowadays it can take a long time to get an interview for a new job or to pitch for a new piece of business so it is even more important to take time to make sure you maximise that opportunity.

If you know an individual or business owner in this situation please pass on my details or as this could help make difference between success and failure.
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